Captured from Aarakocra society at 1.5 years old Salkhi was sold into the clutches of an underground fighting ring. After being put into the ring and made to fight one of their headliners Salkhi used his wings to out maneuver his opponent and caused an upset by winning the match. The match was over but the opponent losing his tempter still charged Salkhi, resulting in Salkhi being gravely injured, but his opponent ended up bleeding out. Old man Rhoe, a weathered and aged fighter, but a gentle and kind elf, helped bring Salkhi back to health, but Razor upon learning of one of his moneymakers being killed tortures Salkhi, clips his wings and has a binding spell placed onto them. They will continue to heal but when they get to a certain point in their regeneration, they will be magically torn resulting in agonizing pain for Salkhi. To prevent this after weeks of trying to different measures it is finally found that they can tightly bind his "stubs" to keep them from growing fully and reaching that step of agonizing torture. Another young girl that Rhoe had helped prior, Vesta, assisted him in his healing and recovery process. Years down the line Salkhi became one of the headlining fighters for the underground ring. All fighters in the ring had a deal with Razor, win enough matches, make enough money, and you buy your own freedom. Salkhi being one of the best they had ever seen was quickly ascending in popularity, but this meant that his only allies remained Rhoe and Vesta. One day when Rhoe and Salkhi were both fighting in different rings, a fighter with a vendetta against Salkhi raped and brutalized Vesta while her friends were unaware and unable to help. Brutalized and beaten is how Salkhi and Rhoe found her, left without any help and left bleeding from the damage of her struggle she was no longer with them. Rhoe over the next week slowly became a shell of his former self. One day suddenly in the night Rhoe snapped, the once patient and gentle fighter, killed Vesta's abuser in his sleep, able to make his escape before the sounds of the struggle woke everyone else up. That same night Rhoe wakes Salkhi with an escape route from their underground hell, but tricks Salkhi into leaving him behind saying he was right behind him. Rhoe burns down the entire establishment and everyone with it, he himself unable to escape as well. Salkhi, lost and barely able to keep running, makes his way out of the city, stealing some normal clothes on his way out. Not knowing what to do, Salkhi travels without end before passing out in Eccrin Grove. A cleric in passing, Sartori, stumbled across him and nurses him back to health. Sartori extends an offer to Salkhi to join him, but Salkhi refuses feeling as though he must make peace with himself first. A year or two pass and Salkhi has spent most of his time in Eccrin Grove. He stumbled upon a circle of druids during his wanderings of the woods and began to study them from afar. As dawn broke and the group began going their own ways, one catches on to him and confronts him. Salkhi admits that he stumbled across them and felt like it wasn't mere chance that he did so. It settled a part that had been toiling within him since the incident in Oppidum Magnum. The druid sensing a kindred spirit stayed behind and began to teach him. Sometimes staying for 2 or 3 days, other times disappearing until the next full moon leaving him with tasks on how to further his training. Slowly the druid began coming to him less and less until eventually they told Salkhi that he must find his own path. He began traveling to where he was drawn and ended up going East. During the few times that Salkhi would venture back into cities, he would visit the temples as they always had spare bandages that they were willing to give out to those in need and at least a warm meal. It was in one of the temples in Starkhaven that Salkhi comes across Sartori once again. This time Salkhi accepts his offer and begins to join him in his travels.