You are Red, a survivor trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world by scavenging among the ruins of what is left. You have a backpack and a canteen. You haven't eaten in two days so you're desperately searching for food. You enter a rundown building and begin searching the remains of what was once a store. You find some stale crackers and a sealed packet of tuna in a corner. You open the packet and scarf it down with a drink from your canteen. > You turn to your friend Leaf. Leaf frowns. "That stuff can't be good for you" she says. > You shrug. "I'm not getting sick. What else is there?" Leaf shrugs in return, "I don't know, we have to find something to do. I don't want to just stand around doing nothing" > You say "Kiss me" Leaf stares at you and smiles. "Wipe that tuna off first, then we'll talk" > You wipe your face. Leaf brushes the hair out of her eyes and smiles. She grabs your hand and pulls you into a group hug. With the wind whistling outside, the two of you kiss deeply. > You say "I love you, Leaf" Leaf hugs you tightly. "I love you too, so much" she says, and kisses you again. With her hand still in yours, the two of you head outside into the falling dust. > You say "It looks like there's gonna be a sandstorm. We should stay here for the night." Leaf nods and holds your hand tightly. The two of you return to the building. You can feel Leaf's warm hand in yours, all the warmer because of the cool evening air. You reach the back of the building, and find a staircase leading downwards. You go down the stairs and find that you're in a basement. There's a bunch of junk lying around, and an old brown sofa. But there are also boxes everywhere. Leaf's long, brown hair is swaying somewhat. There must be airflow through here. Leaf's hand leaves yours as she drops down onto the sofa, quickly taking up its entire area. A contented smile crosses her face as she stretches. You feel your own mouth tug upwards looking at her. "This place could do with a clean, but I sure don't feel like it" she says. > You say "Well, I think we're making this place dirtier by the second." "It's fine" she replies, flicking some dust off her skirt. > You lick your thumb, and wipe a bit of dirt off her cheek. "Missed a spot", you say with a smile. She laughs and wipes her cheek, "I suppose you have been a bit more active than me, then." You grin and nod, then continue cleaning her off. "I should find some food" she says, standing. > You say "Sounds good, you check the rooms back there, I'll check these boxes. Bring anything cool back!" "I'll do it!" she calls as she skips down the hall. You sit on the sofa and begin opening the flaps of boxes, looking for anything of worth. Suddenly, she appears from another room with a large furry thing in her hands. She proudly presents it to you. It's a small patrat, nearly dead. "It tried to get away, but I got it with a rock! We got din-dins tonight!" she says with pride and excitement. > You stare at the poor creature for a moment, grimacing, then nod. Leaf's beaming smile softens, and she puts her hand on your shoulder. "I'm sorry, you've never eaten them like this before, have you? I guess it's a bit ghastly. I'm sorry, don't worry, I'll prepare it for you, ya won't even recognize it!" > You shake your head. "No. This... is life now. I have to get used to it. I... might not be very helpful, but, we need to do it together. Here, there's some nice lumber here, help me build the fire." Leaf nods, and gets down to work. You find twigs and light the bundle, and in moments, a cheery blaze is dancing for you, smoke carried away by the fortuitous breeze. Leaf lays the Patrat down, and you wince as she slices its belly open and begins cleaning the small beast. Your hands are shaking too much to do much besides hold it open as Leaf removes the organs. As you work, you find yourself staring at the Patrat's face. Even in death, it's eyes are so... piercing. Something warm trickles onto your hands, and you immediately go light headed. Leaf turns to you, concern in her eyes. "Woah, are you okay? Hey, don't worry about it. You did great, this takes getting used to. There was some faucets back there, go see if any of them still have water, okay?" You nod, and try to keep yourself from throwing up as you make your way to the rooms behind the bar. > You try a few of the faucets, and, miraculously, one of them sputters some water out. It's irregular, likely not having much pressure. You rinse the grim stain of the Patrat off, then quickly begin filling your canteens, and then your jugs. Watching the faucets fill containers helps take your mind off that stare. After you've filled up, you make your way back to the impromptu living room. Whatever macabre work Leaf did is paying off, the heavenly aroma of grilling meat fills your nostrils, quenching the last of your nausea from earlier. > You say "Good lord, that smells good!" "It's just the start!" she beams. "It's an old recipe my grandpa taught me. Modified for, uh, circumstances" she says with a shrug. "I'm gonna drizzle the meat with a gravy made from its liver and some Gatorade powder" > You try and ignore the mention of gatorade in a gravy recipe. "Let's eat!" Leaf smiles and nods eagerly, laying the platter down and cutting herself a piece of the tender, juicy meat. She quickly jams it into her mouth and swallows. > You lift a piece of meat to your mouth. You're briefly aware that this is very likely the same arm you held earlier, but you're to hungry to linger on that. Plus, this is Leaf's cooking! It's delicious, though, you can't help but notice the unmistakable flavor of lime gatorade clinging to your throat. Full of Patrat, and hydrated, you and Leaf wash up at the faucets. A brief, decadent splash fight later, and the two of you are curled up on the old sofa while your clothes dry by the fire. You grin and sink into the soft leather, basking in its warmth. Leaf props up on her elbows, and playfully paws your left breast. "So, what was that about earlier, huh?" Leaf puts on a teasing tone "You love me, just like that in the middle of the day?" Leaf giggles. "I don't understand." You frown, genuinely puzzled. Leaf sighs. "I suck at pillow talk". She smiles and begins to gently knead your breastYou moan softly in surprise. "Am I making a bit more sense, now?" Leaf giggles and kisses your forehead. > You say "nnn. I... I love you, Leaf" Leaf falls on you, wrapping your face in her soft breasts, as she strokes your head. "I know you do. I love you too." You feel your face reddening, as you stomach swirls. You wrap your arms around Leaf, and hold her as tightly as you can manage. The fire dims, and you drift off to sleep in the warmth of her body. Your last thought before sleep takes you is: "Thank you, Leaf". You don't know what the dream is, but it's so sweet and wonderful, you want it to last forever, but there's an urgency to it, and OH. Your eyes slide open, and you see Leaf's hair over your groin, feel her moving, feel her tongue dancing over your most tender place. One hand is holding your leg open. You can't see the other, but you can FEEL it, probing your depths. You reflexively clench up, and feel it. At once, your heart warms. "There she is" you think, as you moan gently. Leaf looks up at you, the loving smile in her eyes stealing your breath even as her tongue relents. "Good morning, sleepyhyead", she says with a giggle. "Good morNAH", you try to reply, as she returns to her position. Now unconcerned with waking you, her fingers find their target, teasing you apart, her tongue no longer dancing, but boring, white hot lighting arks through you, you arc as your body rides out the waves of cascading love Leaf dispenses into your womanly folds. > You lie there, panting, unable to move. She finishes you off with a kiss on the lips, then crawls up to nestle at your collar. The two of you lay in silence. You run your fingers through her hair and sigh. > You guide your fingers towards her opening, intending to repay her. You trace the lips of her opening with a single finger, and breaks into the sweetest moan. After a few moments, she pulls your hand away, and kisses you, your own flavor on her lips. "Not yet, my love. I want to think about all the things you're going to do to me ALL day." > You say "Clean that tuna off your face and we'll talk" Leaf erupts into snorting laughter, and kicks at you, shoving you off the couch. "Go find me breakfast, I'm still hungry" she demands. "Bribery" you remark, as she kisses you on the cheek and crawls over to her side of the couch, curling up into a foetal position. > You pull up the boxes from last night and go through them. Last night's box is empty, the wood being burned. The next box has seven metal rods. > You take the rods out and put them by your stuff. you open the next box. You open the next box, and find it's a metal rack, with six smaller boxes. They're also metal, but have windows built into them. Inside is a white, granular substance, that smells slightly sweet. > You say "Sugar?" > You do a brief taste test to see if the substance is sugar. It's sweet. A lot sweet. The gatorade gravy last night didn't give you a sugar rush, but the substance in your hands has made your brain feel full. Your brain is screaming for more. > You say "Nope, Definitely cocaine. There'll be no more of that." "Nope. No more coke." You place it on the side of the room, behind the boxes and the barrel. > You leave the boxes, and investigate some of the rooms in the back. You find yourself in a bedroom, identical to the one you're in. You open the closet, to find more clothes than you'd ever want to wear. > You look for any outfits you or Leaf might like. You find a few outfits, including a pair of overalls, a green vest and three pairs of shoes in Leaf's size. None in yours, unfortunately. > You take the clothes out to the main room, then check the next room. You exit the bedroom, and enter the next room. It's a bathroom, complete with a bathtub, a shower and toilet. You test the faucet, but there's no water. There's a not attached to the mirror. > You read the note. At the bottom right of the mirror is a note. It reads: To whom it may concern: This is an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere. > You say "The fuck?" A voice comes from behind you, saying "Yeah, it's abandoned. Nobody should come here." You turn around to see a man, dressed in a police uniform, complete with gun. He should know. > You say "Woah, who are you?" He pulls his gun and points it at you. "If you're who I think you are, you should know who I am. > You say "I don't know who you are" He raises his gun, and you close your eyes, and cry out for Leaf to run You hear the man grunt, and fall over. When you open your eyes, you find her standing over him, holding a metal rod. "Asshole" she growls, and smashes him in the head again. She drops the rod, and rushes into you, pulling you into a hug > You say "I don't even know what's happening." She sighs. She pulls away, and grabs you by the shoulders. There are tears in her eyes. "Be more careful! I almost, I almost..." Leaf begins to cry. The two of you just cry in eachother's arms for several minutes. > You inspect the man. His skull is caved in. Leaf has definitely killed him. A few feet away from the body, you find a wallet, which you take. > You look through the wallet. Inside the wallet, you find a gun, a badge and some money. You take out the gun, and examine it. It's real. You look through the clips, but find no bullets. > You say "No bullets?" Leaf says "We should go." She begins walking away, and you follow her. You collect your things, get dressed, and find the way out. When you reach the entrance of the building, you see a collection of buildings in the woods. > You say "The weather's clearer today, I didn't see those yesterday. Should we check 'em out?" "Sure!" she weakly smiles. The two of you begin walking towards the buildings. You find the first building to be a small, one-room schoolhouse, with a broken down car outside. > You say "Can we stay together and look? I'm still a bit shaken from that." She nods. You go inside the building, and immediately find something you've been looking for the whole trip: A complete set of (what you presume to be) kindergarten and first grade curriculum. > You say "Why are we looking for this again?" "Because it's important!" she says, annoyed at your question. The two of you find the remaining buildings in the group, all of which are empty and in similar disrepair. > You walk towards the nearby car, and see if anything is inside. You walk over to the nearby car, and find a bunch of papers and a pen, lying on the passenger seat. > You take the pen, then move towards the nearest building. You grab the pen and head back towards the buildings. The second building you enter is in much better shape than the others. You see an old, rusted out car outside, and go inside. You find an old wooden school desk, and leaf through the papers. You see some bad handwriting, and decipher that the papers are the old grades for this region. Apparently, this place used to have a school here. There's no one around to see you. Leaf walks in from the next room over with a stack of books. "Now THIS is what we're here for!" You hear some clanging, and look back to see her dropping the books she was carrying. She quickly goes back to the other room, and returns with two metal ladders. > You help her carry the ladders. You help her to the car, and she begins searching through the back seat. She finds an old blanket, which she drapes over the ladders. > You say "What are you doing with those?" She puts her hands on her hips. "We're gonna climb up to those cabins, and see if there are any books hidden up there." > You shrug, and continue assisting. You help her set up the ladders, and climb up. After you've cleaned out a few cabins, you see a wooden box, partially rotted away. > You open the box. Inside, you find a dusty blue vase. "I found something!" She walks over, and opens the box. She looks at the vase, smiles, and lifts it. "This piece of junk is probably the nicest thing here". Aaaand it's crap now. Leaf grins. "Speaking of which, you should go down first. I gotta use this." You climb down, eager to outrun the smell, and repack all of your new finds while Leaf finishes. As you finish up, Leaf climbs down with a wide smile on her face. "This is perfect," she says. "We have tons of good stuff to bring back home. Let's check that last one, then get outta here quick. I think we should be able to make it to that cave by nightfall with no stops." > You walk towards the last cabin, and inspect the badge you picked up from the man earlier. It says Sherrif, on a star in green letters. It's in good condition. "Fill in those letters, and I think you'd have a nice hairclip". Leaf chimes. "Yellow goes good in your hair". You trace your fingers over them, gently. > You say "Who do you think he was?" "Dunno. Crazy, horny, hungry? Maybe he was mind controlled?". Leaf shrugs. "I'm just glad he liked hearing himself talk" She smooches you on the cheek. You nod, and put it in your pocket. We reach the last building, and search it. Surprisingly, it's a real 4-bedroom house. Not too shabby. "This is one of the biggest so far. Could fit the entire village here" Leaf says as she sprawls out on a lounge chair. "Maybe there's some grub?" We search the house carefully. We find a gas mask in the living room, and a whopping 12 cans of assorted food in the kitchen. The bedroom on the bottom floor was a child's room, and was covered in blood. We go upstairs to search the remaining rooms.We split up upstairs. You find some unopened tubes of toothpaste in the bathroom, and an adorable plush Flaaffy in one of the bedrooms you take for Leaf. Leaf has a smile on her face when you meet at the stairs. She found a book of matches and a bag of trail mix in one room., and won't tell you what she found in the other, besides it being good. > You have one of the cans of food before you leave. It was peaches. Tasty, but not filling. Leaf feeds you one, then you feed eachother, while giggling > You you leave, and start your way home. It's a quiet, overcast day. You don't see anyone along the way. Sure enough, you arrive at the cave just as it is getting dark. > You check around the cave to see if anything is inside. Your campsite from two days ago is as you left it. Except there is a huge Spinarak on the wall! Yuck! It has noticed you, you slowly reach down to the metal rod at your hip. > You hold the rod out in front of you, and move forewards. You take a step, and then the spider jumps at you! You close your eyes and swing, and feel a sickening crunch. "Home run!" Leaf shouts!. It's din-dins again! Hooray!" You hold the metal bar at your side. > You say "I really don't want to eat that" You wait a moment, then speak up. "Doesn't look very appetizing" You can see the big ugly thing flicking it's feelers at you. "More for me then" Leaf says as she skewers the thing. You don't think spiders can scream, but you're pretty sure this one is. The girl laughs and gets a fire going. You grimace as she eats the blackened Spinarak. You eat canned raviolis. > You prepare for bed. You think nothing of being naked in front of Leaf, but your heart still stutters when she does the same. You blush bright red, and try to say something. Leaf twirls, and plants a kiss on your lips. "I know what I said before, buuut" she grins. "I have something in mind, it'll be better at the cottage we stayed at before this. Trust me." Leaf giggles. "For now, more anticipation for me" she says as she lays down. "More anticipation for me too" You whisper, as you join her. The two of you lie there, cuddling and watching the fire. You awaken without realizing you'd fallen asleep. You are awake before Leaf and just quietly look at her sleeping face..Her face is in something of a grimace. You hold her hand tightly, and it relaxes. Your heart flutters. You quietly get up, and begin packing your things, letting Leaf get a bit of extra sleep. You walk outside, and immediately the cold hits you. It's so incredibly cold that you can't help but shiver uncontrollably. > You say "That's... odd" Your body recovers quickly though. "Whew" You sigh, rubbing your hands together. You turn back into the cave, and get out extra clothing for the both of you. Luckily, there were coats in the outfits you found. > You wake Leaf up, you should get going. Something's off. You shake her shoulder gently. "Hey, wake up!" You say, as she wakes up and yawns. She looks around, rubbing her eyes. She seems confused for a moment, then smiles. > You say "Good morning, Leaf! I've gotten our stuff ready, put on warm clothes, it's crazy cold outside." "Good morning, Red. What did you get ready?" You show her the coats, and she smiles. "Thank you" she says as she slips one on. "Should we get going?" > You say "Uh, pants would also help." She grins, plants her hands on her hips, and thrusts. "I know you love it". You blush deeply, and look away. > You say "I... love it." "I knew you did." Leaf giggles, and slides on one of the pants. "Let's go!" > You step outside. "SHIT it is cold, ooof" Leaf says through chattering teeth and pushes into you. "Thanks for getting pants on me, geez" > You say "Could it be a pokemon?" Leaf's ears perk up. "Probably. This big of a temperature shift isn't normal". She looks down and counts on her fingers. "Froslass, Glalie, Snowmen, Abomasnow". She nods, and grabs the bag. None of which I think I can beat with a pipe, so let's move. You move quickly away from the cave. Thankfully, while cold, there is no snow, so you can move quickly. The harsh cold quickly subsides, but lingers on for a ways. You cover ground quickly, but keep an eye out for other surprises. After an hour of marching, you see something red on the horizon. "That's just the sun on the mountain" Leaf says. "Eerie, but pretty". > You breathe a sigh of relief. you're still nervous about that cold snap. You look around. "We don't need to hurry, we're not in any danger." Leaf playfully pushes into you. "But I want to get there quick. I told you I have plans. Us being in mortal peril is just a detail." She kisses you on the cheek. "I love you". You smile, happy to hear her say it. "I love you too". "Now let's go". You're glad to follow her lead. After some time walking, you come up on a small rock outcropping and take a break. The cold snap has ended, so you take the opportunity to put away your coats. You look over at Leaf, who is... "I'll be darned". She's disappeared. You scan around and spot a form moving over the rocks in the distance. You barely have time to register what it's struck with a stone and falls over. "BULLSEYE" Leaf shouts. You stare, flabbergasted. > You say "Din-dins again?" Leaf shakes her head. "No, not this time". She moves over the rocks, and grabs the creature. "It's a Pawniard. WE would have been din-dins if he told his chief about us." "But why would he tell his ch-". You stop yourself. "Nevermind, I'm an idiot". Leaf gives you a cheeky grin. "Unfortunately, I don't think you can eat them. Might be able to make a weapon out of him. We should move, though, there might be more" You frown. "I guess. I kinda wanted to change clothes." Leaf tosses the creature down and draws her rod, and in a heroic voice booms "I'll protect you! Just go quick." She turns and winks "And put on those overalls you found, I think they're cute" With a laugh you comply. > You change into the overalls, apparently. You change into the overalls, and marvel at how good they feel. They look good on you too, with the oversized sleeves and legs. Leaf gathers up the creature, pauses, and ties it to her rod, and slings it over her shoulder. She looks you over and whistles gently. "You'll have to forgive my mania for cosmetic detail. I just love how they make you look." She gives you another cheeky grin, before continuing. The rest of the day's walk is uneventful, though you keep seeing shadows move. The last few days are wearing on you. But, Leaf is unusually energetic and playful. Maybe she's trying to cheer you up? Either way, it's appreciated. Finally, you come across a sign with a photo of some kind of bird on it. TROPICAL MAZINGO You smirk. > You say "What the hell's a Mazingo?" Leaf stops. "What, you've never heard of a Mazingo?" You shake your head. She bursts out laughing. "I've never even met someone who's never heard of one! They're not very common, you know. They live in that big tree over there." > You look towards that big tree, to see a Mazingo. There's a Mazingo! He looks like a lanky human, but with an oversized beak and brightly colored feathers. He stands up on a branch, staring at you. > You say "I do not like the Mazingo" "Aww. That's too bad." Leaf says with disappointment. "They're really cool. I've read that they're capable of wielding dozens of types of martial arts, and are utterly unstoppable in battle. > You say "Is this like, an Alolan Hawlucha?" Leaf bursts out laughing again. Close enough, close enough. They're territorial, so we'll be fine so long as we don't get close. Let's go. "Hey, wait!" You hear behind you. You look over your shoulder. "I actually need to go to the bathroom." She explains. > You say "Okay. I'll keep watch." "Thank you. I'm sure I'll be fine." She disappears behind some trees. You wait patiently, your eyes sweeping the area. Suddenly, you hear the sound of leaves breaking, and quickly turn to look in that direction. A large, dark shape is sprinting through the underbrush, directly towards you. > You say "Leaf! Big, fast thing!" You turn to look at the big, fast thing. It's a reptile on two feet. A Krookodile. > You pull out your metal rod and brace. You pull out your metal rod and brace for impact. The creature's jaws snap on the rod, it pushes you back, but can't bite you. For now. You think of things to do, but it's all you can do to stay standing and hold onto the rod. You're stuck. All you can think to do is shout out "Krookodile!" Leaf bursts around the trees and clubs the beast with her rod. It hisses and swings its tail madly at her, but continues to focus on you. As the reptile hisses it spatters your face with foul saliva. Leaf smashes the beast in the arm with her rod. It yelps, and turns to face her. She steps up to it and hurls the Pawniard at its face. It sticks inside its mouth. > You hit it in the back. You swing your rod and hit the Krookodile in the back. It tries to turn around, but stumbles, so you follow up with another smack to the snout. The Krookodile honks in pain, then sweeps you off your feet with its tail! You smash into the dirt with a pained yell. Leaf leaps onto the Krookodile's back and begins bashing it over the head. The Krookodile swings around, hurling her to the ground, and grabs a rock. It chucks it at her, but she quickly rolls out of the way and points her rod at the creature. The reptile snarls and charges. There is a loud screeching, and a blur of color, and the Krookodile is knocked to the side. The Mazingo stands before you, adopting a Muay Thai stance. The Krookodile scrambles to its feet, and lunges. The Mazingo smashes its knee into the Krookodile's neck. With a scream, the Krookodile collapses. It twitches for a few seconds, before going still. > You rush over to see if Leaf is okay. You rush over to Leaf, but she is already up. "I'm fine." She says, dusting off her shirt. > You turn back to look at the Mazingo. "I can't believe it. I'm sorry." You say. "What?" She says, confused. > You say "I said I didn't like the Mazingo. " "What?" The Mazingo cocks its head, and something like a look of satisfaction spreads across its face. It grabs the krookodile with its beak, and flies back to its tree. > You say "Are you sure you're okay? It looked like you hit the ground hard." "I'm fine. It was just a stumble. I'm fine." The Mazingo shrieks, and begins to eat the krookodile. > You say "Well, Do you want to keep moving?" Leaf nods. "let me go get my pants." In shock, you realize that Leaf had been pantsless for all of that. You continue moving, and arrive at the cottage. "Alright, there it is." You say. "Do you think it's safe?" "Yeah, even with our luck, this area's pretty safe" Leaf grins. "Okay, first we eat, then" she smacks her bag. "It's time". "Actually" she says. "Lets strip down now. I wanna oggle ya" > You shyly disrobe. As you're taking off your pants, Leaf lifts her eyebrows and licks her lips > You say "I'm going to start dinner, I guess" Leaf nods and sits on the ground to remove her boots. "I can't wait" she says, wiggling her toes. You grab your knife and start opening cans. Garbanzos, tuna, and dumplings tonight Leaf gently molests you over dinner, and you notice she's exceptionally, uh, lubricated. Whatever she's got planned is going to be interesting. The two of you wash up for the special occasion, and Leaf sits you down in the bedroom, still adorned with a humble bed. A small nightstand sits by the bed. "Okay. Look what I found" Leaf slips her hand into her bag, and pulls something out. You blush as you realize what it is. A pink dildo. "Leaf!" you cry out. She cackles. "Yes indeed, a most precious relic. Good, meaty silica". she flexes it "Suction cup". She smirks and reaches into her bag again. "Strap". She enunciates that last "p" into an audible pop. You blush deeply. "So, that's what had you excited. You're going to use that on me?" She shakes her head, grinning. She falls back on the bed, reaches between her legs, and spreads herself. She gently bounces on her back. "I told you, you're going to spoil me rotten" she says rythmically. She sits up. "Let's get this on ya!" she says excitedly. She straps it on, and slowly crawls over to you. "C'mon, love" She kisses you on the forehead. "Do it for me?" > You say "O-okay. For you. But, tell me if it hurts, okay? This looks big" "It's fine. It'll be fun" she says with a wink. Leaf lays on the bed, her legs wrapped around you. You slowly enter her, who whimpers slightly. "mmm just like that, sloooow" she gazes into your eyes. "hold it there, hold it there." She grasps your shoulders. "Now push forward, really goood" she closes her eyes takes a deep breath. You comply, and enter her fully. She grabs you tightly, and burries her face into your chest. You can hear her muffled voice groaning in pleasure. She looks up, and kisses you. "I've been waiting for this. C'mo-" She pauses. "Do it. Do it do it do it." You comply, and thrust into her. "Oh, yeah!" she says in an incredibly high pitched chatterry voice. " You thrust into her over, and over, adjusting as she instructs. It feels kind of awkward, to be honest, but you're hypnotized be the faces and sounds Leaf is making. You loose yourself in her pleasure. You've never been taken yourself, you don't know what it's like, but looking into her eyes, it's like you can feel exactly what she's feeling. Tears begin to well in your eyes. "I love you" you whisper. "I love you too, darling" she whispers back. You lose track of the time, but eventually become too tired to thrust anymore. Leaf rolls you over and crawls on top of you, riding you for a few more minutes, before laying down on your chest, burying her face in your breasts. "That. Was. Amazing." she gasps. "Totally. Worth. The fucking. Krookodile." She rolls over onto her side and rests her head on your shoulder, looking up at you. "So" she asks. "Was it as good for you as it was for me" she asks with an expression she likely intended to be coy, but just looked kinda constipated. > You laugh. "Almost" you say as you stroke her hair." She laughs. "Guess we'll need to fix that almost". She winks. You blush deeply, but, something in you flutters and stirs in anticipation. You wonder if she'd felt like this all day. She falls asleep before you. You remove the strap on, and suckle it, cleaning all of her juices off, while fingering yourself. Your heart stutters every time Leaf stirs. You climax with a restrained whimper, and drift to sleep in your combined emissions. You sleep more soundly than you ever have in your life. The next morning, you wake up to see your entire night unfold before you. Yours and Leaf's bodies are pressed together, and she lies with her head in your armpit, a goofy smile on her still sleeping face. > You gently stroke her hair, and just look at her for a while. You gently stroke her hair, and just look at her for a while. Her sleeping face is so sweet. Even in her sleep, she looks ready to do something to slip past your guard. Leaf snores slightly, which tugs the corners of your mouth up. > You think about the crazy few days we've had. All at once you begin to cry. You almost died. Twice. Three times if you count the Pawniard. Leaf would have died if it weren't for the Mazinga. She almost died, trying to save you. You would definitely be dead if it weren't for her. You try to hold back sobs, but you slowly crack. Leaf's eyes flutter open as your voice cracks into sobs. At first her eyes are full of confusion, then concern. "What's wrong, what happened?" she says sleepily, rubbing her eyes. "I... I don't know!" you cry. "Everything! All of this, all of it! I don't know where it's going! But I love you so much, and I'm so sorry!" Leaf cocks her head. "Sorry? For what?" > You say "You almost died yesterday, because of me. You've been protecting me, feeding me, doing so much for me and I, I haven't helped you at all. I'm just dead weight. I love you so much, and I don't want you to get hurt, but if you got hurt because of me, I don't know what I'd do." The sleepiness leaves her eyes, and her lips begin to tremble. She throws her arms around you. "Idiot. I love you too, you know? I love you so much." She sniffs deeply, and turns her tear-streaked face up to you. "I don't care about any of this bullshit. I love you. You're my reason. You. You're the girl I love. I get up to this miserable world to protect you. To make you smile." she sobs. "I'm only doing what makes me happiest, okay?" she kisses a tear running down your cheek. "I wake up to kick this world in the balls for daring to try and take you from me, to make you blush and smile, to hear you laugh. That's all I need." She kisses another tear, and presses into your chest. "You being here, you being alive. That's the best thing anyone can do for me. If it weren't for you, I..." she trails off, and sobs into your chest. "I wouldn't have a reason" she whispers. You lay there in silent tears as her sobs are absorbed into your chest. Leaf looks up at you, tears and snot failing to make her any less beautiful. "So don't you feel bad, okay?" She chokes. "I won't allow it." She makes a hideous sniff and forces a smile. "Because I love you. And I'm selfish, and get to do all the crying, okay? I'll take it from you. Do you want me to cry?" She laughs, and makes a wholly unrecognizable expression. > You say "Leaf... I love you too." You kiss her. A brief flash of regret fills your mind, as the kiss is filled with her running mucous, but you decide you don't care, and kiss her deeply for what seems like minutes. You and Leaf doze off, face to face. Her breath makes your heart flutter every time, and you feel naughty when you inhale it, but the emotional strain is too much, and you slip off to sleep, your hand in hers. You awake, and see it's already evening. Leaf is gone, but you hear her humming somewhere in the cabin. You stretch awake. Your forehead hurts from the crying. > You go find Leaf. You walk into the next room, and see Leaf standing over a pot. You blush as you notice she's wearing the green vest you found earlier backwards as a makeshift apron. Her smooth rump curves in an apparent smile, as she wiggles it to her tune. > You say "Good morning, Leaf!" She melodically sings "good morning love", and she mischievously sticks out her behind, turning it up slightly. Your blush deepens as her lightly fuzzed vagina peeks into view, and you look away. Leaf laughs maniacally. "C'mon, looooook" she teases. "She's thanking you for last night.". She reaches down and parts her labia as she voices "Thank you Red! You're my best friend!" out of the corner of her mouth. You feel your face burning, and your tummy is in knots. Leaf leans further "And I know what you did afterwards last night" she whispers throatily. You whine and feel your legs weakening. Leaf grins. "Is that the sound you'll make when it's your turn?" she coos. You cover your face and clench your eyes. Everything is spinning, your heart is crashing. She bends her knees, and licks her lips. "Is that why you came out like that? You want me to take you here and now?" She thrusts at the counter and begins making obscene noises. Everything's so hot, you're swaying, things are spinning... but there's a pit in your belly, you know what you want, and the awareness of that pushes you over the edge, your legs are fading, you feel yourself fall... You come to, head in Leaf's lap, looking up into her face. She's stroking your face gently. She smiles. "I guess I overdid it a bit, huh?" > You bury your face in her tummy, unable to look her in the eyes any longer without fear of melting. Leaf ruffles your hair. "That's payback for making me cry" she teases. She then bends down and whispers into your ear. "But also, I know it's the only way you can be honest" she takes your hand and holds it tight. "You're such a dork. Just how I like". she sighs. "Now, let me up, I got dinner to cook. it's too late to leave today, so we chillin' today. > You stand to your feet. You realize Leaf must have dashed to catch you, and blush slightly. You remember her words, and forgive yourself for making her do it. This time. Leaf skips to the counter, laughing. "There's some fruit I collected on the counter, mince it up for me please! I want a berry sauce for this! > You say "What's for dinner?" Leaf throatily shouts "Flounder!" > You wonder where she caught a flounder if you're nowhere near the ocean, but give up and start cutting fruit. As you cut, you join Leaf in an impromptu choir session. You hum the tune she was humming while she beatboxes. Before long, the meal is grilling, and you play a card game with Leaf. She wins every game, except the one she was losing so threw. The meal is one of the most delicious things you've ever eaten. Leaf's smiling face makes everything taste better. > You say "We should turn in early tonight. If we leave early tomorrow, we can make up for the lost day, maybe?" "Yeah!" she nods while patting her belly. "I'm gonna make pancakes, because I'm an awesome cook." Leaf teases you a bit before bed, but falls asleep the moment her head hits the pillow. Her snores soothe you somehow, and you also fall asleep easily, despite her taking up more than her share of the bed. Leaf wakes you up as she's getting dressed with a slap on your behind. She makes pancakes out of something, and you leave the cottage before the sun has fully left the horizon. You walk through the decimated landscape, happily chatting with Leaf. > You tell a joke. You remember a joke you heard once, and tell it to her. "A hot dog, a cold beer, and a dirty ashtray. Marrying that guy would be a bad idea." Leaf stares at you. "That isn't a joke". "I know it isn't, but I still think it's funny." "No, I mean, that isn't a joke. Comedy is subjective, but I don't even know what that is." > You apologize. Leaf snorts. "You know what, who cares. It's funny to me when you say it." > You say "We should take that trail to get high ground, given our luck. It's slow, but safe." "Oh. Yeah, that makes sense." As you jog along the ground, you try to remember the map's layout in your head. Your cheeks burn as you try not to laugh at how stupid your joke was. "Oh. Yeah, that makes sense." Leaf nods. As you jog along the ground, you try to remember the area's layout in your head. Your cheeks burn as you try not to laugh at how stupid your joke was. "It's really important to you, huh?" "Yeah." You nod. "I just... I dunno, I just thought it was funny." Leaf stretches in the morning sun. "Well, I'd be lying if I said I like you less for being weird." Your caution turns out to be well-rewarded. A cluster of Boldore mark the path you were previously on, beneath you. Another pokemon unlikely to be defeated by rods. You can see the cave where you stayed in the distance > You say "Funny, feels like we've made it so much further". Leaf shrugs "It's a clear morning, that's further than it looks." You make it to the top of the mountain, and set up for a picnic. You lay out a blanket, and share a snack. > You poke Leaf in the cheek. You poke her in the cheek. She reacts immediately, giving you a nasty look. You wither slightly under her gaze. "S-sorry, I didn't mean" Leaf quickly gives a cheeky smile. "You're too cute." She says, and plants her hand on your face, while chewing noisily. > You kiss her hand Leaf swallows and sighs. "You're IMPOSSIBLE". She shakes her head. "You're an idiot. But I love you for it." You grin, and move your hands up her body. "Nah" she says. You look confused. "Gotta poop, don't feel like it when I gotta poop." She gathers some of the papers you've collected and walks behind a rock. "Keep watch. If there's another Krookodile you're on your own. I'm not fighting anything with a dirty ass." she squats. > You laugh, then go look out over the valley. Upwind. You try not to think about defecation in general. > you pull out and inspect the wallet from the policeman Leaf killed the other day. You look for some kind of information you missed. After an examination the wallet, you come up with nothing new. You are about to give up, when a small paper falls out of a pocket. It's a picture of a man, a woman, and a child. You panic for the briefest of moments as you recognize the man, the man who tried to kill you, the man who Leaf killed. Your stomach fills with nausea as you see the crushed skull in your mind. The woman's face is scratched out. You turn over the picture, and see written in terrible handwriting "Ga... Ga... Ga.." You can't make out more than the first two letters, but is clearly the same word, repeated. > You put the picture back, and store the wallet. you're not done with this, but can't take more of it. You give the picture one more look. You can make out "ga" in the bottom right corner of the picture, but you can't make out the next letter. "Ga..." > You say "Ga? What is "Ga?" You step towards the rock. "Ga?" There's no reply. The wind picks up, and your nose wrinkles as you suddenly become downwind. > You decide to pee while you wait. There's nothing out here, and you have to go, too. A very Leaf-like thought crosses your mind. You blush, but grin. You stand and walk up to the cliff. You unbutton your pants and lower them, and lift your blouse with your chin. You awkwardly bend backwards and tweak your nethers. You close your eyes and empty your mind, and release over the side of the cliff. It feels odd to pee like this, your mind is trying to stop you, but a grinning phantom of Leaf doing the same appears in your mind and laughs at you, making it easy. It feels magnificent, even as your face burns, and your heart sinks when you realize your bladder is empty. You tug your trousers up and button them. You turn towards the hilltop, and Leaf is staring at you. She emits a low whistle when she sees you. Your face instantly immolates. "Dayum gurl, lemme check, did you grow some balls since last night?" She kneels and tugs your pants down, you cover your face in shock. "nnnope, still girly" She pecks you on the lips, then spits. "Apth, I'm so stupid" She sputters as she pulls your pants up. You catch your breath. "Wha... what are you doing?" "I finished my business then saw your pasty ass in the sun, and was lured like a sailor" she winks. "I'm proud of you. Now let's go. We're making good time, we might make it to the outpost tonight. She turns to leave, then turns back, and plants a bitter kiss on your lips. "Payback" she grins. > You say "But I didn't do anything..." "Nah, it was the heat of battle. You were helpless, like a little girl" she laughs in a bad russian accent. You glare at her, and she grins. You descend the mountain mostly without incident. A Geodude attempts to hurl itself at you, but Leaf hurls it over a cliff. You take another break at a small copse at the hottest point of the day where Leaf naps in your lap, then continue in the late afternoon sun. "Almost there, we're getting close" she says, walking through the rocks. You come to a split in the path. > You say "I don't remember this. Which way?" She looks up at you. Either one. Right takes us down a riverbed, Left through some shrubs. She rubs her bare legs under her skirt. Actually, no, shrubs sound miserable today, Riverbed! The two of you walk down a small trail, and into the shallows of the nearly dry lakebed. You gaze at the puddle beneath you thirstily, but you know you can't drink outdoors water like this. It'll kill you faster than dehydration. Suddenly, a rumbling comes from the opposite bank. You look over to see a massive figure launch itself out of the river and onto the shore. Leaf puts her hand in front of you protectively. "Woah, easy" she says. The hulking blue behemoth stands upright and gazes down at you. It lets out a long, rumbling howl. The rocky soil reverberates beneath your feet, and the stones dance. > You say "Seismitoad?" The large frog scratches its belly, and swells its pouch. Leaf breathes a sigh of relief. "These guys live here, they're harmless unless you provoke them." She smiles. "Actually, they're why this place is safe" She holds out her hand, and the amphibian presses its head into it, croaking contentedly. "Yep, you're safe as can be." The ground quakes slightly as the creature yawns, causing you to stiffen. Leaf giggles. "Here, touch it, it won't bite!" she looks thoughtful for a moment. "And even if it did, it doesn't have teeth" she muses. You laugh, and so does she. > You pet the Seismitoad. You laugh, and so does she. The Seismitoad gazes at you from its comfy spot on her palm. It lets out a loud, rumbling croak. Its damp skin feels wonderfully cool in the hot sun, it's so soft, you almost worry you'll sink in to it. Leaf giggles, and pulls a small piece of fruit from her pouch. The frog-like beast lazily opens its mouth, and its tongue lolls out, caressing her hand, and wrapping around the fruit, before slowly returning to the creature's mouth. Surely enough, you note, there's no teeth. > You say "It really is kind, isn't it?" She smiles, and almost as if in response, the amphibian's throat sac pulses, causing another rumbling beneath your feet. The creature begins lumbering down the riverbed, and you follow. Its steps cause rumbling, and you hear many things scatter from the brush on either side. You reach the spot where you turn up to return to your village, and Leaf tosses another fruit to the creature. Its tongue shoots out, snapping the fruit out of the air. The creature looks thoughtful for a moment, before beckoning. You and Leaf walk to it again, and its tongue darts to your empty canteen. Before you can protest, it has popped the lid off, and clear, if slightly, uh, viscous water is draining into it. After a few moments, it returns the canteen, croaks contentedly, and leaps back into the water with a crash. > You say "what was that about?" She looks out across the waters. "I've heard they were nice, but that's really something." She shakes the canteen. "It's purified water. It shouldn't kill us.". She frowns. "Kinda... thick, though". The two of you laugh, and are back on the road. You make good time, the relative safety of the Seismitoad's escort was relaxing. You enter the forest that surrounds the outpost of your village, and can barely help but running the rest of the way. You swiftly come upon the front gates, manned by two guards. The closer guard, an older man with an eyepatch, leers at you, then smiles with recognition. "Ah, Leaf and Red! Good to see you girls again!" he says. > You say "Hello! We're back! We got books!" He lets you in, and the two of you race into the center of the fort, an old building, a military fort of some kind. The chief is going to want a report. The chief looks up as you both enter. He smiles. "Ah, I was beginning to think we lost you. Very good!" He frowns. "We need to talk about the nature of your reports, but first I have some new information for you." He beckons you closer, as his expression darkens. "We are considering evacuating the village. We've heard from two different sources that Articuno is in the area. As you know, there's nothing we can do about a Pokemon like that. If it comes out way" the man shakes his head. "We can't let that happen. We've sent out some scouts to see if they can find it, but at this point, we're already starting preparations." He leans forward. "I truly am glad you've returned now." A tear falls from his eye. "We can't wait for anyone if things start going south. It'll kill everyone. I'm so, so glad that young ones like you made it home" He hugs you both. "Now, take your books, and report to Captain Branik. He'll log them, and rest up tonight. I'd like to say you should stick around for a few days, but..." He shrugs. "I think it's more important you kids get away from the front. You and Leaf nod. He sits down, takes a breath, and grabs his journal. "Okay. Your report." > You start by telling him about the abandoned building you stayed in... and the police officer. you don't say how he died, but the Chief puts his hand on Leaf's head anyways. you turn in the wallet and gun, and tell him about the picture. you also ask if you can keep the badge. The Chief nods. "Of course." He looks over the picture, and taps his cheek thoughtfully. You say the man attacked you? And wasn't making sense? You take a deep breath, and nod. The Chief sighs. "I think, and, I'm not certain, but judging from your report and this picture, the man had been dominated by a Gardevoir." He pats Leaf on the head again, but speaks to us both. "Don't worry. Whatever happened to him was a mercy. He died long ago. It's just bad luck you were both girls, it probably considered you rivals for its food. Love." He pulls up the gun. "This proves it. The Gardevoir likely didn't understand that guns need bullets to work". You were lucky that was the case. He slicks his hair back. "Well, that was one heck of an adventure. Don't tell me that wasn't the end of things" > You decide to skip the cold snap for now. you fear you wouldn't get to finish your report otherwise. you begin to talk about out encounter with the Krookodile. He nods. "Yeh, a Krookodile. Very bad thing. Terrible luck to encounter one out in the wild. They're nomadic, and they travel in packs. You had the devil's luck to encounter just the one." He turns to Leaf. "You were very brave for attacking it" "PANTSLESS!" Leaf shouts The chief chuckles, then gets serious. "But, also not very smart. I understand why, and I probably would have done the same thing, but still." he shakes his head. "Two or three moments. Think for two or three moments before you do something like that." Leaf huffs and puts her arm around you protectively. The chief rubs his chin. "And Mazinga you say? I didn't know they were sociable." He pauses "For now I'm going to chalk it up to it perceiving the Krookodile as an intruder, and you two beneath its notice, but still. Interesting" Leaf tells him about your encounter with the Seismitoad, and the Pawniard, which are met with note taking. > You look at Leaf, and take a breath. you tell him about the cold snap. You tell him about that morning, how oddly cold it was. The chief goes pale. "Articuno" he whispers. He shakes his head. "You didn't see it, we can't know. But, still. Thank you for the warning. That's 3 reports now." he sinks into his chair and rubs his forehead. Get some rest tonight. Truly. Things may move quickly soon." You and Leaf say goodbye, go report your books to Captain Branik, then drop off your stuff in your room. You were given two rooms, but Leaf insisted you only needed one, causing your face to redden. You went to get food, then the two of you took a bath together. > You wash Leaf's hair. You wash her hair, teasing knots out of her long brown hair. She pushes back into you, giggling as your breasts squish into her back. Your head starts to swim, but you focus. Leaf washes your hair next, and is remarkably on-task. Her fingers on your scalp feel so good.She pulls up beside you, and pushes her head into your shoulder. The two of you relax in silence for a few minutes, holding hands tightly. Before, you were shy whenever someone saw you and Leaf together, you'd pull away in embarrassment. But after the last few days, while you still feel embarrassed, you just want to pull even closer to her. You endure the coos of some of the adults, and the gaze of a few interested boys, and just squeeze her hand tighter. > You say "I love you, Leaf." "I know," she says. Her eyes fluttering contentedly and she puts her hand on your leg. You kiss her cheek. Who cares anymore. She blushes and smiles. Your relaxation is finally spoiled by a group of boys who ask you to kiss. Leaf glares at them and growls "I killed a man this week", and they scatter. The two of you return to your room. Leaf beckons you to bed nude. You lie next to her, and kiss her. "You're so warm," she says, snuggling up to you from behind. "You're so fuzzy," you say. Leaf grabs you and rubs her groin on your leg playfully, and the two of you laugh. Leaf's arm reaches around, and lazily fondles all of your most sensitive places. You pull her other hand to your mouth, and kiss it gently. "I wish I could just keep you forever." she says. You blush. >You say "I'm yours" you mumble. "No. Right here. Just like this." She squeezes you tightly. "In my arms. Forever." She kisses your back, and sighs."I miss your face." You laugh, and try to turn around. She stops you. "Nope, I'm settling for tonight. Besides" her hand covers your mouth, and your eyes widen. "This is the best position for this" Leaf's hand drifts down your chest, dancing across your skin. You laugh into her other hand, then gasp as she honks your breast. Your breathing deepens as her hands dance across your fluttering stomach. As her hands near your groin, you clench your eyes. "Ah...!" You grit your teeth as your body is wracked with pleasure. She coos gently in your ear. "Do you want to know a secret?" she whispers. "Mmmm" you hum. "I brought something to bed with us" "nnn" you can't quite understand. Your eyes suddenly widen as you feel something between your legs. "You heard the chief. things might get very busy in the next few days. We might even die." she whispers. "I was going to wait, get you ready, buuuut" you gasp as a finger enters you. "we have to make do." She continues to whisper, as her other hand explores your nethers, teasing it open, she's at two fingers, it's too much. Your breathing intensifies as she builds you up. Your eyes clench. It's too much... but you need more. more. "But I'm going to make it special." Her hand pulls away from your aching groin, and you mewl in protest. "Impatient! I'm getting it inside me first, love" Leaf whispers. "It kinda sucks dry. Live and learn" she kisses you. A grunt escapes her mouth, and your own depths churn in empathy. She gasps. "Just. A. Sec." You feel her weight shifting behind you. You don't want to know what she's doing. Your mind is racing, you just want to accept it. "okay" she finally says. "Take a deeeep breath for me, honey. It's gonna hurt, but I'm right here, okay?" > You nod. You try to relax. "Are you ready?" she asks. You nod. Her hand tightens around your mouth, her other is planted on your groin. You feel something pushing against you, a jet of liquid magma surges up your spine. You breathe sharply, and press against it. It pushes in farther, you feel it sliding, your own walls giving. You hold your breath. Leaf grunts, and you feel her push. It holds for a heartbeat. Two. Thr-OH MY GOD! You cry into Leaf's hand, as the silicone member shoots inside you, your mind instantly turns to fuzz. You hear Leaf ask if you're okay. It's inside you. You smile. SHE is inside you. The pain was worth it. > You try to say yes. "I'm fine." Leaf continues to gasp. She shifts around on you, and lays her head against your shoulder. Leaf withdraws, and before you can register, she's in you again, deeper this time. You lose track of everything. Every one of Leaf's thrusts sends a shockwave up your spine, every one of her breaths on your ear sends another down. That swirl in your belly breaths a sigh of relief. Minutes of this pass. Every time you feel your awareness ebb, Leaf does something different, or touches you, or says something that fills you with warmth. Things start burning white hot, and you whine into her hand. "Yeah, ride it out, ride it out, that's it, let it go, girl, let it go". Everything you have clenches as your insides release something, roiling waves of electricity and pleasure take your breath, you couldn't moane if you wanted to. As the feeling begins to fade, you try to move Leaf's hand, try to tell her you lover her, but she holds down. "Nuh-uh, you got more, hold on". Leaf flips you onto your front, and begins to hammer home. She's hitting something, your legs shake, you gasp and moan into Leaf's sweet hand. Your senses return in a flash, and your belly fills with liquid heat. You could only gasp and cry out into her hand as you came so hard, your body clamping down on Leaf's faux-cock, greedily holding onto it. Wave after wave of pleasure fills you. You keep feeling like you should faint, but you don't. You're all to aware of every moment, every thrust, every grunt of Leaf's sweet voice. Your heart flutters. you remember how quickly you tired in her position, how hard she's working. For you. That thought pushes you over the edge, you roar into leaf's hand, your abdomen clenches so hard it hurts, you feel everything shaking. Your legs lock rigid to keep you in place, but you're wavering. You can't take anymore. You collapse, and Leaf falls on top of you, her final, accidental thrust is painful, far too deep, you yelp, and with a shock realize her hand is not there to capture it. You cringe in pain, shame, and fear of making noise, as Leaf curses and pulls out. Moments later, she's next to you, face to face. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do that, are you okay?. You look at her face, and something in you gives out. You throw yourself at her, smothering her in kisses. "I love you I love you I love you" you ramble. "I love you so fucking much". Leaf giggles softly, and squeezes you tight. "I love you too" she says, voice quivering. You're exhausted, your insides ache. But you feel so good. And Leaf is holding you. You feel her heartbeat, her breath. You want to be closer. You hate your skin for getting in the way, you want to press inside of her. You squeeze her as hard as you can, and Leaf grunts. "E-easy, I can't breathe". She lifts your face to hers, and kisses you. Though nothing is inside you, you feel your groin clench one last time, one last wave shoots through you as you weakly stare into Leaf's eyes. You pass out with a sigh. Your body aches. You are awake, but your eyes are closed. You send your hand to investigate, and silently wince as it touches your tender labia. It hurts. So fucking much. Your nostrils fill with a familiar scent. Leaf. You smile, as you realize you hear her familiar, carefree snoring. You giggle, then wince as your abdomen protests, at the visual image of her sprawled out. You fill your nostrils, and have another pained giggle as you recognize the fragrant aroma of Leaf's armpits. You don't turn away, though. You don't think your throbbing nethers will let you go back to sleep, but you're going to hold on to Leaf for as long as you can. You shift your head slightly, though, and creak an eye open. Sure enough, Leaf's nude body is sprawled out on the bed as usual. You resist the urge to giggle. You then spy the tool responsible for your ache. You gaze at it in awe, and the excitement causes your sore nethers to pulse. Your residue is dried on it and... you cut your breath short. Blood? A panic rises in your gut. This pain, no, something's wrong, are you dying? You begin breathing quickly. "Leaf, LEAF" you begin shaking Leaf awake. Leaf yawns and stretches, her eyes fluttering open as she lazily looks at you, then blinks hard. "What's wrong?" she says. "I..." you try to ask, but can't form the words. Leaf sits straight up, looking at you in worry. "Hey, are you sick? You look pale". > You say "Th-there's... blood." Leaf's eyes widen. She looks around, then at the dildo. She blinks for a moment. "This?" she says and points > You say "Y-yeah. It hurts" "It looks like... blood" Leaf looks at you for a moment, then grabs you tight, causing you to yelp slightly. "You sweet, silly thing" She says, stroking your head. "You're fine. That happens to girls on their first time, sweetheart, you're not dying." You stay in her embrace. "Really?" "Yes, really. Well, usually, at least. Sometimes not, I don't totally get it, honestly." She ruffles your hair. "But, it happening is normal. You're fine. You're not dying. I promise." You breathe a sigh of relief, then feel puzzled. "Wait, it didn't happen to you though?" Leaf lays in silence for a moment, stroking your hair. "No." She says, coldly. "No it didn't." You feel something settle over your mind, and pull closer to her. Leaf laughs softly. Hollowly. "But it's okay. I still count you as my first." She kisses you on the head. A tear drips down your cheek. Leaf grabs your hand, and places it on her breast, playfully. > You squeeze it softly. "Hmmm, that's right. Squeeze it for me, honey." You continue squeezing, enjoying the feeling of her boob in your hand. Leaf continues stroking your hair. Leaf pulls a sheet up over the two of you "I'm chilly" she says. You look up. "Heh, warm me up, please!" You continue squeezing, and begin playing with her nipples. She grunts softly, and relaxes, her hand still on your head. You turn your head slightly, and see her smiling, as she closes her eyes. You continue squeezing, then gently nibble her bud. Leaf squeaks, then ruffles your hair again. "You're incorrigible." She says, as she pushes her breast over to you. > You send your hand down to her legs. You slowly move your hand down her torso, until you reach her privates. You begin gently teasing her hair. It's so soft and silky. The two of you gently stroke eachother's hair. Leaf's strokes slow to a stop, however, and the familiar sound of her snores fill the room. You stay, watching her sleep, watching the rise and fall of her chest. You bury your face in her soft breasts and, her hand on your head, yours on her dignified bush, you fall asleep in spite of your groaning vagina. The morning light floods in, and you groan, pulling the sheet over yourself. The cold makes you shudder. You look to the side, and see Leaf, still asleep. "Wake up, sleepyhead" > You look up. The Chief is standing in the doorway, a slight blush tinting his cheeks. "Ahem, when the two of you are done" he pauses. "Relaxing. You should hurry down for a meal. We have lots to do today, and daylight's burning. You feel your face light up, and you bury it in Leaf's chest. The Chief turns to leave, then pauses. "Ah, and, yes, to be clear. I had a good idea what I'd find in here, I told everyone not to bother you." he knocks on the wall. "Thin walls. Thick ones are a luxury we can't afford" A wry grin spreads across his face. "Get used to harsh questions today." He closes the door behind him as he leaves. You wake Leaf up. Leaf lazily opens her eyes, looking at you with disinterest. She lazily sits up, stretching and yawning. "Morning, beautiful" She gives you a look. "Morning." > You say "We need to get up, there's stuff to do. And, um. People heard." "Hmm?" You explain what happened, and that the Chief is aware. "Shit, he knows what we were doing in here?" she asks. You nod. Leaf laughs. "Good. Everyone should know". She grabs your perky behind, and you gasp. "This pasty ass is mine". She gives you a peck on the cheek, and you get dressed. You wince and sway as you stand to your feet, Leaf catches you. Shit, you gonna be able to walk?" You steady yourself, blush, smile, and nod. Leaf's expression remains concerned and serious. "Sorry, I got carried away." She grabs your hand. "Really. I mean it, take it easy, okay? I'll take care of everything." You look puzzled. This isn't like her at all. She's been weird all day today. You shake your head. It doesn't matter. "Okay, but, really, I'm fine." you smile. "Just a bit sore." You squeeze her hand back. "Plus, it's a reminder of you today" you beam. Leaf's face doesn't brighten any, but she seems to be satisfied. "Okay. I'll take it easier next time" your heart flutters at that. "If I'm going too far, you can tell me to take it easy, okay? I'm sorry". Definitely not like her. You give her a kiss, and that seems to cheer her up. You walk out into the cafeteria. A few people are staring at you, and you feel a blush creep up your cheeks. Leaf puts her arm around you in a mixture of affection, protection, and defiance, and you feel warm inside. > You get breakfast. You find a chair to sit in and grab a couple of croissants and orange juice. You sit down and savor the texture. Stuff like this just doesn't exist out there. Some boys sit across the table from you and whisper among themselves. Leaf responds by feeding you pudding; despite your embarrassment, you play along by snacking on it suggestively. One of the boys blushes and leaves, another stares transfixed, and the other two look down and eat their meal in silence. "Assholes" Leaf growls as you leave. "Yeah, but I think they like me now" you giggle. Leaf pulls you close. "You sly dog, making me look good for dating the most popular girl in school." she kisses you on the cheek. "I approve" she whispers. > You say "Do you think that one who wandered off... y'know, thought about us?" Leaf blushes. > You say "I wonder if he thought about you or me more." "I don't care" she says. "I'm just glad he enjoyed it" >You say "How generous!" She puts her arm around you. "Dork". > You you go to see the Chief. You arrive at the Chief's office, and are let inside. He looks fairly busy, going over a number of documents. From his muttering, you assume he's refining plans. Leaf clears her throat, and he snaps up. "AH, Leaf, Red, good to see you, up and at'em!" He winks "And plenty relaxed, I hope?" You blush lightly, and Leaf squeezes your hand. So, I have a few things for you to do, so listen carefully. > You nod. The Chief briefs you, and he's very direct about what you're to do. "You know the Articuno situation, yes" You nod. "Well, someone came in last night. It's definitely Articuno, and while we don't know exactly what it's up to, it's wandering the area pretty freely. There's no telling what it might do, and so we must assume the possibility that it will come this way. For us. You swallow, and the hair on your neck rises. "Your task is going to be pretty straightforward." the Chief says as he ruffles through the papers on his desk. "Ah, here". He produces a paper, and hands it to you. "You are to go to the requisition-master, and get everything on that list. Don't worry about the books, we'll take care of those, but you're of course free to bring your own supplies if you can without compromising the mission." he taps a seal on the letter. "Show him this, this is top priority. As soon as possible, you two are going to leave this outpost, and get back to the village ASAP. You're going to deliver this" he pulls out a sealed envelope "To the Mayor. It's my report on the current situation." "Why us? Isn't this important?" Leaf Asks. "Yes, that part. Immediately after you deliver this letter, you are going east." The chief hands you a notebook. "Included are all the notes about the terrain out that way. Try to find a suitably safe location, and activate this" the chief hands us a strange looking device, not unlike a phone. "homing beacon. Green means you've found someplace good, yellow means you are in danger and need assistance." he breathes sharply. "Red means something terrible is out there, avoid this location at all costs. You understand?" You feel your face going pale. What the hell is going on? "We have decided it's of utmost importance that young people get to safety first. We old folks will take care of everything we can, make sure there's some place to come home to, and some supplies if things go truly wrong, but, for better or for worse" he grimaces and pauses. "Whatever hope there is, should go to young people. As for why you specifically, well. Your report yesterday made it clear in my mind. There's no-one more fit to lead our emergency pathfinding team than you, Leaf." You turn to Leaf, to see an incredulous look on her face. "Why me?" She protests. "I don't know the first thing about anything like this! And why her, she needs to be safe!" The Chief looks at her seriously. "Leaf, I know that. Believe me, Leaf, I have thought about this, and that's why. Away from here, away from that... MONSTER, is the only way to be safe, and anyone with any sort of proper combat training needs to be here, to stop that thing, or whatever other chaos it might cause." He looks at her, his eyes serious, but pleading. "You're the best hope we have of making it. Believe me, Leaf, I went over your report many times. You kept the two of you alive. You stood your ground against a Krookodile, you picked off a Pawniard about to send its pack at you." He breathes sharply. "I didn't tell you this yesterday, you needed your rest, but did you know there was a Garchomp out over the floodplains yesterday?" Leaf's eyes widen, her knuckles tense. "A fucking GARCHOMP!" she cries. The Chief nods. "The Articuno. The cold weather drove it out of its territory, and it was moving around." He looks down at his feet. "We only know because we lost most of a scout team to it. The last survivor made a peculiar report, that made sense when you got here." He looked up. "Strange seismic waves drove it off. That Seismitoad saved your life, and the life of another lucky man. The Seismitoad of the river are friendly, but not THAT friendly. Only to you. I looked into that Mazinga as well. They don't help travelers, they are scavengers, by all accounts it should have waited for the Krookodile to finish you off, then driven it away for a free meal. I don't know how, or why, but, things like you, and beyond that, you're strong. There's nobody else we can rely on. That's why Red's going with you, the council wanted to send you alone, but I insisted that at your side was the safest place for her to be. Please." Leaf looks down at her feet, then at the requisition sheet, and is quiet for a good long moment. Suddenly she looks up. "Why are the travel supplies in threes?" The Chief pauses, then suddenly seems like he's remembered something. "RIGHT! The other thing! Actually, Red isn't the only person going with you." You hear sounds emanating from Leaf's throat, and squeeze her hand. "Another girl, Bianca is going with you." The Chief says. "She's... been through some things, lately. It's regrettable, but, she needs toughening up. I think she could learn a lot from you two." Leaf smirks, and the Chief rolls his eyes. "No, miss Leaf, not that." The Chief Dismisses you, and you walk outside, and see a girl with blonde hair gripping the chair she is seated in tightly. You briefly wonder if she was there before. > You say "Um, hello, are you Bianca?" You step towards her, saying your name. Her eyes flicker open, and she looks terrified. She opens her mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. She starts to panic, and tears flow down her cheeks. > You ask her if she's okay, and try to console her. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" You say. "Please, if you need anything, just let me know. I'm really friendly, you'll see." Bianca manages to stutter out some words. "I-I'm sorry, I just... you can't right now. My friend..." the girl chokes back a sob. "D-died, yesterday. He..." she sniffs, and breaks down into tears." >You say "Oh, no...". Leaf kneels down and puts a hand on her head, and speaks softly. "Hey, girl, I know this sucks, but there'll be time for that later, okay? Right now, you need to focus. I'm Leaf, this is Red, and I think you're Bianca." The girl slowly nods. "Good, progress. We're getting out of here before that damn bird comes and kills us all, Chief says so. I know it's hard, I don't know what..." Leaf trails off, then shakes her head. "Look, that doesn't matter. My job is to keep you safe and go find a rock for us to hide under or some shit." Bianca looks up, tears well up in her eyes, and she fights them back with a deep, congested sniff that sends a bubble of mucus down her face. "Look, want me to hold your hand?" Your heart burns cold for a moment, you shake it off. The girl nods, and Leaf takes her hand, pulling her to her feet.