[F4M] Thicc MILF Makes You Cum In Your Pants In Public [gentle fdom] [shy guy] [meets curvy MILF in a grocery store] [confronting you for peeping] [teaching you a lesson] [trapped against the wall] [titties in your face] [grind against my smooth thigh] [cum in your pants] [semi-public] [pay for my groceries] [good boy] *************** Disclaimer: I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+. Use of script: This script has not been published for use yet. Note to reader/performer: [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.] *Asterisks marks words to be emphasised* Synopsis: It’s an ordinary day. You’re at the grocery store to pick up some necessities. And there she is… This gorgeous curvy MILF with a big booty and some soft jiggly sweater stretchers. So, of course, you can’t help but peeping… But you’re not so smooth, are you… Because she notices you… And she decides to teach you a lesson on decency… *******SCRIPT STARTS******** [MILF humming while picking out groceries] [stops humming, notices that the boy is checking her out] Hey! Hey you there.. Don’t try to hide behind that shelf there.. You think you’re smooth huh? But I saw you.. I saw you checking me out.. [he asks her to not make a big scene] Oh come on.. I’ll be as loud as I want to.. Hey! People! Look at this dude over here! [giggle] Okay, okay.. I’ll keep it down for you.. I mean.. I don’t want to make you to embarrassed.. Even though you deserve for peeping at strangers like that.. You know.. That’s kinda rude.. To be staring at people like that.. To be peeping behind their back.. I mean.. You could just come up and talk to me if you have something to say.. I don’t bite.. [he explains that he is shy] Oh poor thing.. You’re a bit shy, aren’t you.. You didn’t have the balls to introduce yourself.. Well.. I’m not going to lie to you.. I do have thing for shy guys.. *Cute* and shy guys, you know.. They are just so easy to play with.. It’s so much fun, you know.. And.. Don’t get me wrong here.. I’m still quite offended that you were checking me out like that.. I mean.. I didn’t approve that.. So.. So what are we going to do about that.. Huh? I mean.. I feel like you owe me an apology.. So come on.. Let me hear it.. [he apologizes] Well, you can do better than that can you.. Maybe.. Maybe it would be appropriate if you would pay for my groceries.. What do you say? Isn’t that the appropriate compensation for being rude to a stranger in a grocery store like this.. [he agrees] Mhmm.. Well, I thought so.. Now.. As I said.. I do have a thing for cute guys like you.. In your case, I just think you need some training and guidance so that you don’t act inappropriately in public.. Mhmm.. You shouldn’t stare at people.. And deep down I think you know that.. You should behave like a good.. A good citizen, you know.. Now.. I’m willing to give you a little lesson right away so.. So just take my hand and follow me, okay.. [humming as she takes him through the store] Oh there is so much people in this store today.. But.. But I know the perfect spot for us.. Here.. Just follow me behind this shelf, okay.. Now.. [Pushing him up against the shelf] Now where was I.. You.. You are going to be taught a lesson today.. Oh don’t look away when I’m talking to you.. Look me in the eyes.. Yes.. You.. You are about to experience what it feels like to be humiliated in public.. Mhmm.. You like being pushed up against this shelf, don’t you.. Makes you feel weak and helpless.. Mhmm.. Well.. That’s how I feel when guys like you keep peeping at me in public.. When guys like you.. Take their liberties like that.. Without asking me for my permission.. So.. So I’m just going to show you what it feels like.. What it feels like to be taken advantage of.. To be violated a stranger.. To be *used* in public like that.. Mhmm.. Now.. I’ve noticed how much you appreciate my body.. My *big* juicy ass.. My *soft* big titties.. My.. My hips and my thick beautiful thighs.. You just can’t stop looking can you.. Such a helpless little pervert.. Now.. Don’t expect me to let you touch my body after what you did to me.. Just keep your hands by your side.. I’m just going to press myself against you.. Just so you can feel all of this wonderful body.. Right against you.. These *lovely* fucking titties.. Smoothering your face like this.. My thick thighs rubbing against your crotch and.. My fingers stroking your hair.. Shhh-shhh-shhh.. Don’t say word, pervert.. We don’t want all the people in here to know what a dirty little pervert you are.. [inhale] Just keep quiet, okay.. Just be a good boy for me.. And keep your mouth shut.. There there.. Don’t be scared now.. I’m just going to teach you a little lesson.. A lesson on how to behave like a decent human being.. To be *respectful* and *polite*.. Not to stare at strangers with curvy fucking bodies.. Not to peep at their ass as they bend down to pick up a product from the bottom shelf.. Mhmmm.. Because at the end of the day.. You can’t even handle a body like this.. This ass is too *round* and *firm* for you.. These jugs are too *juicy* and *jiggly* for you.. Mhmm.. I can feel how hard you are right now.. As I rub my thigh against your crotch.. I can feel a wet spot forming on your pants between your legs.. Mhmm.. You are just such a little slut, aren’t you.. Being so horny in public.. Being *so* fucking slutty in the grocery store with so much people in here.. [inhale] I could just reach my hand down.. And whip out that cock.. And you would just squirt all over the floor for me.. But.. But we’re not going to have that much fun today.. No.. No you are going to keep your pants on.. You are going to be a good little slut for me.. And you are going to cum in your pants, okay.. Right here.. Right here in the grocery store.. You are going to fill your boxers with your filthy cum.. And then you’re going to follow me to the cashier.. With that stain on your pants.. Screaming for everybody’s attention.. And then you’re going to pay for my groceries like a good fucking boy.. Do you understand that.. You’re going to cum in your pants for me.. With your face in my cleavage.. With my voice in your ear.. With my *thick* thigh rubbing against your crotch.. Mhmm.. Just breathe me in.. Smothered in my bosom.. Grind yourself on my thigh like a good little slut.. You’re so fucking slutty, aren’t you.. Such a greedy little pervert.. Just losing yourself in this moment.. Letting go.. Of your dignity.. Your pride.. You creamy fucking cum.. Flooding your boxers.. As you grind yourself on my smooth fucking thigh.. That’s how fucking easy you are.. You don’t even need my pussy.. And my pussy is not for you.. My *warm* and *tight* little hole.. It’s not for you.. All you get is this thick thigh.. Something for you to grind on.. To rub yourself against until you *pop* in your pants for me.. Mhmm.. Now.. I hear some people coming so.. So why don’t you get it over with.. Why don’t you grind so fast that you just make a dirty mess in your boxers.. Mhmm.. They’re getting closer, dear.. They’re almost here.. They’re just right around the corner.. What if they would see you huh? Pushed up against the shelf like this.. Grinding your cock against a stranger in the grocery store.. [inhale] Just be a good boy and cum in your boxers.. Yes.. There you go.. There you go.. Let it all out like a slutty little pervert.. Mhmm.. Good boy.. *Good boy*.. Such a good fucking boy for me.. [inhale] Now act cool, okay.. Just act cool.. [adressing the other people in the grocery store] Oh hey there! Lovely day to go shopping, isn’t it.. [...] Well have a great one! [giggle] [adressing msub again] Well.. That was quick, wasn’t it.. I think proved my point there.. You’re just.. You’re just not ready for me yet, are you.. Now.. That’s a beautiful spot you have there.. Real sticky, isn’t it.. But.. A promise is a promise.. And you, my sweet little thing.. You promised me to pay for my groceries, didn’t you.. So.. No excuses now.. Just get your wallet and.. And I’ll go get my groceries.. I’ll see you there.. ********END OF SCRIPT*******