[F4M] Good Morning My Golden Boy! [gfe] [mommydomme] [gentle fdom] [morning wood] [morning sex] [cuddling] [silky satin nightdress] [blowjob] [teasing] [riding] [creampie] [cumming together] [aftercare] [good boy] *************** Disclaimer: I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+. Use of script: Please feel free to use this script for audio recording or for other purposes. Also feel free to edit the script, to make changes to it or to leave out sections of it. Feedback is of course always appreciated. Note to reader/performer: [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.] *Asterisks marks words to be emphasized* Synopsis: This is a soft, affectionate and cuddly script about a GF/Mommydomme and her BF/Good boy having a morning cuddle session. The idea of the female character is that she is a mature, caring and confident woman that loves to tease and pleasure her BF. She is dominant but yet very soft and sweet. *******SCRIPT STARTS******* [sound of rustling bed sheets] [GF waking up] [long yawn] [Sleepy] Oh, good morning sweetie.. [Suggestive] I see you just woke up too, didn´t you? [yawn] [Sweet tone] Oh, you´re so adorable in the morning sweetie.. With your messy morning hair and dreamy eyes.. [Suggestive] Oh, come here sweetie.. Let me hold you for a while.. Let’s stay in bed for a bit and cuddle honey.. You know I love mornings, right sweetie? [sleepy but excited] I love *snoozing* and *snuggling* with my *sweet* *sweet* *sleepy boy*.. So let me hold you honey.. Snuggle up against me under the covers.. Let me press your body against mine sweetie.. Feel your skin pressing against my *smooth silky nightdress* as I hold you tightly against me.. [confirming] There we go.. [Suggestive] This is perfect, isn’t it? [Introducing the dynamic] *Mommy* and her *sweet sleepy boy* cuddling under the covers.. [Reassuring] Nothing in the world can get between us now honey.. It’s just *mommy* and her sleepy beauty.. This is just perfect.. [sigh] [Expressing her satisfaction with the situation] And you know what honey? I don’t feel like leaving this bed for a while.. This is just too good to leave, isn´t it? So let´s stay here for a while honey.. Let´s take it slow.. [Reassuring] Oh don’t worry sweetie.. I’ll make you some *delicious dark coffee* later but right now... [sigh] [Sweet tone] Right now mommy just wants to cuddle with you.. So let me kiss you sweetie.. [kiss] [Sweet tone] Let mommy kiss your perfect forehead.. [kiss] [Sweet tone] And let me stroke my fingers through your messy morning hair.. [Suggestive] Yes, sweetie.. This is the best, isn´t it? A *nice* and *slow* morning.. No stress to get away to work.. Just cuddling up together under the *warm* *soft* covers... [Surprised when noticing his morning wood, teasing] Oh.. *Oh*.. what is this sweetie? What is this hard thing poking against mommy’s leg? *Is that* what I think it is sweetie? Is that a *toy* for mommy? Something for mommy to play with? Is that your morning wood sweetie? Poking against mommy? [convinced] Oh, I think it is honey.. I think that´s my good boy´s morning wood.. [Sweet tone] Let me feel it sweetie.. Let me get my hand down there and feel what’s poking against mommy.. [Feeling his cock] [Excited, teasing] *Oh my my*.. Isn’t that a *hard toy* for mommy.. A *nice and hard* surprise hiding under the covers here.. What a sneaky boy you are honey.. What a *sneaky sneaky* boy you are... Hiding a big surprise for mommy under the covers like this? Did you think I wouldn’t find it sweetie? *Did you think* you could hide it from mommy? [Teasing] Oh sweetie.. You can’t hide *anything* from mommy.. Mommy can see right through you.. Mommy can tell exactly what you’re up to sweetie.. [Overwhelmingly sweet] Because you’re mommy´s golden boy.. You´re mommy’s *good* *good* golden boy.. My favorite boy.. My crown jewel.. My sweetheart.. Mommy´s sweet sleepy golden boy.. [Teasing] And you know how the saying goes, don’t you *my golden boy*? As they say.. "the early morning *has gold in its mouth*"... And do you know what that means sweetie? *That means*... that mommy needs to take her golden boy in her *warm* *wet* *wonderful* mouth.. [confirming] Yes, that’s right.. I need to suck your cock sweetie.. [teasing] I need to *suck* and *swirl* and *lick* and *lap* on your beautiful big cock.. I need to *play with you*, and *tease you* and *please you* until you give me what I want sweetie.. [clarifying] Yes honey... mommy wants her *morning juice* from her good boy.. Mommy wants your *sweet sweet* good boy cum in her thirsty little mouth.. [Changing her mind, teasing] Or maybe.. Mommy would like that cum to go somewhere else.. Maybe mommy would like a creampie for breakie.. [Suggestive] Wouldn’t you like that sweetie? Wouldn’t that be the perfect way to start the day? To fill mommy´s pussy full of your creamy cum? [quick break, waiting for his response] [Affirming] Oh *yes sweetie*... [Suggestive] You would love that, wouldn´t you? [Sweet and assertive] So let me get this blanked off of you.. [quick pause, removing blanket] [confirming] There we go.. [Describing] *Feel* the cold breeze as your body is deprived of the *wonderful warmth* of the covers.. [Slow and tempting] Now let me... slip those undies off of you sweetie.. Let me pull that waistband down... to expose your *throbbing* morning wood... [quick pause] [Excited] *Oh wow* sweetie... That’s a *big* toy for mommy.. [teasing] This is not the ordinary morning wood is it? It looks like you are *harder* than usually sweetie.. Are you that excited? Are you that excited to have mommy’s soft lips wrapped around your cock? [Suggestive] Oh I think you are sweetie.. [Sweet tone, explaining] Now let mommy position herself between your legs honey.. With my knees on the bed... in between your legs.. *Slightly* bending forward over your cock.. [Tempting, seductively] Oh yes sweetie.. Now you can *really* see down mommy’s cleavage, can’t you honey? *As gravity pulls* my *big* *soft* *beautiful* boobs down towards the bed.. Only my *sexy* *silky* *satin* nightdress is preventing them from *dropping down* onto your eager cock.. [suggestive] Oh you love mommy’s tits, don’t you sweetie? [Tempting, seductively] You *love* how *nice* and *round* they are.. So *soft*... So *smooth*.. So *big* and *juicy*.. [suggestive] You love mommy´s big boobs, isn’t that right honey.. [giggle] [affirming] Of course you do.. [encouraging] So have a good look sweetie.. Have a *good look* at mommy’s perfect tits.. [Suggestive] Would you like to suck them sweetie? Would you like to suck on my mommy´s *pink* *perfect* little nipples? Would you honey? [affirming] *Oh sweetie*, I know you would.. [Sweet but assertive, teasing] But it’s *not your turn* to do the sucking today sweetie.. It’s mommy’s turn.. It’s mommy’s turn to suck her good boy´s beautiful cock.. [Sweet tone, instructing] So just lay back honey.. *Lay back* as mommy picks up that cock and just... [Starts sucking his cock...] [Continues for a while...] [Commenting on the taste of him, satisfied] Oh god sweetie.. You taste so good.. *Mommy loves* the taste of her good boy.. So sweet and salty at the same time.. [Preparing him for another go] Now just relax for me honey.. Relax for mommy as she sucks your beautiful cock.. [Continues to suck his cock..] [Continues for a while...] [Commenting on the situation, satisfied] Oh, sweetie.. This is the perfect morning routine for mommy.. A *big* *beautiful* cock for breakie.. This is just what mommy wanted.. The perfect morning surprise.. [Continues to suck his cock] [Encouraging, a bit more intense] Yes, honey.. Enjoy mommy’s mouth.. Enjoy how good it feels sweetie.. Feel *mommy’s magic mouth* milking your perfect cock.. As you *tremble* and *twitch* and *tense* for mommy.. [Continues to suck his cock] [Satisfied, a bit more intense] *Oh god*, this is wonderful sweetie.. [Letting him know what´s coming] Let me show you what mommy can do to her good boy.. Just let me show you honey.. *Feel* mommy’s *flexible* tongue *flicking* all over your *furious frenulum*.. [Flicking over his frenulum] [confirming] Yes, that’s right sweetie.. That´s right.. [Confident, suggestive] *Mommy* is the best cock sucker you’ve ever met.. Mommy is *so* good at this.. So so good.. [Slightly disappointed as she notices his precum, teasing] Oh.. Oh *sweetheart*... Your cock is just *leaking* like a sieve now sweetie.. Precum is just *pouring* out of you.. It’s dripping all over mommy’s bed sheets.. You are making such a mess for mommy.. [Softly discouraging] Bad boy.. *Bad* boy.. [teasing] You’re all *sloppy* and *slippery* and *slick* now honey.. Eager for mommy to take all of that creamy cum out of you.. [Sweet and assertive] But *no no no* sweetie.. You can’t cum yet.. Don’t you dare cum yet honey.. [Sweet tone, instructing] Hold on to that cum for mommy.. I need to *suck you* just a little bit longer before you can release that creamy load into mommy’s mouth.. Mommy needs her golden boy in her mouth for a little bit longer.. So just hold on sweetie.. Hold on to that cum for mommy.. [Continues to suck his cock] [Excited] *Oh*, I need to take you *all in* now sweetie.. Mommy needs to take you *all the way* down her throat.. Mommy needs to *gag* and *gulp* on your big beautiful cock.. So get ready for me.. Mommy´s going to take you all the way down now.. [starts gagging on his cock] [gasping for air] [giddy] *Oh sweetie*.. [aroused] Mommy is so wet for you now.. I need to touch myself.. Mommy needs to rub herself as she sucks your perfect cock.. [continues sucking his cock and starts rubbing herself] [Aroused] *Oh* honey, You are mommy’s good boy giving me your big cock for breakfast.. Mommy is so turned on right now, rubbing her pussy for her good boy.. Feel me moaning on your cock as I suck you honey.. Feel the vibrations as I moan on your good boy’s cock.. [Moaning and sucking at the same time] [[Aroused]] Oh.. Okay, sweetie.. Mommy can’t wait any longer now.. Mommy wants to cum now.. Mommy wants to cum on your big good boy cock.. So just let me straddle you honey.. Let mommy straddle you and *fuck you* until we cum together.. Let me straddle you now.. [Straddling him] [Confirming] Yes, there we go.. Let me take you inside of me now honey.. Feel my tight pussy pushing down onto your throbbing cock.. [moan] [Moaning] *Oh god*, sweetie.. You’re so big for mommy.. You fill me up so good.. [Suggestive, sweet, possessive] That’s mommy’s cock, isn’t it sweetie? That’s *mommy’s* perfect cock... Always ready to please me.. Always standing to attention for me... Always *nice* and *hard* for mommy... [moan] [Moaning in pleasure] Oh god, I love this sweetie.. Mommy loves being on top of you like this.. Mommy loves riding your big cock... Bouncing up and down on you.. Up and down on that big cock.. [Close to orgasm, intense but soft speaking] *Oh sweetie*.. you’ll make mommy cum soon.. Mommy is so close for you right now.. So close.. So cum with me honey... Cum with mommy now.. Give me your load sweetie.. Give mommy your creamy cum.. *Oh yes*.. Mommy wants it all honey... Every single drop.. So give it to mommy.. Give me that cum.. Give mommy that good boy juice.. Cum in my pussy honey.. Cum in me.. Cum in my *warm*.. *wet*.. *wonderful pussy*.. As mommy bounces up and down your cock.. *Oh yes*... *Oh yes*.. Be a good boy and *cum for mommy now*.. Come one.. *Cum for mommy as mommy cums on your cock*... [moaning and cumming on his cock] [moaning] *Oh yes* honey.. [Intense] *Squirm* and *shake* and *shiver* as you explode in mommy’s pussy.. *Spurt* and *squirt* as mommy *squeezes* her tight little pussy around your swollen cock.. [Encouraging] Yes honey.. That’s it.. *That’s* it.. Good boy.. *Good* boy.. You’re *such a good boy* for mommy.. Giving all of your cum to me.. Let it all out sweetie... Let it *all* out.. *Yes*, good boy.. *Good* boy.. [Satisfied, less intense] Oh *wow*.. That was a lot honey.. *That*.. was a lot You filled mommy up like a good *good* boy.. A sweet morning creampie for mommy.. Such a perfect start of lovely day.. Good job.. [quick pause, coming down from the orgasm] [aftercare] [Sweet tone] Oh sweetie.. Let mommy lay down beside of you now.. [laying down beside of him] [Sweet tone] Oh sweetie.. That was amazing.. You were such a good boy for mommy.. *Such* a good boy.. [calming and caring] Now just relax sweetie.. Let mommy hold you as you catch your breath.. There you go.. Relax sweetie.. That was intense, wasn’t it? That was *so* intense.. So let me take care of you now for a bit.. Let me *caress* your beautiful hair... And *rub* your perfect chest.. As you just lay there all shaky from what mommy did to you.. [suggestive] Mommy can be too good sometimes, can’t she? [affirming] Oh I know sweetie.. I know.. [Sweet tone] It can be hard to cope with sometimes.. It’s just to good to be true, isn’t it.. [Sweet but serious] *Oh well*.. you need to get used to this honey.. Mommy loves to pleasure you and I need you to be able to handle it.. Like *a good boy*.. [shifting focus, sweet tone] Now let me go make some coffee for us sweetie.. Some delicious coffee for us.. [quick pause] [Tempting] And after that.. [Sweet final words] *Mommy* wants to cuddle some more with you sweetie... ************