Dear ladies and gentlemen, We are a small group of German poker players, most of us long term pokerstars costumers. In the last months a lot of us noticed a certain player, who is relatively new to the scene, sky rocketing through the toughest of stakes. Not only on pokerstars but on other sites as well. His nickname on stars is “Glitchsystem”. A lot of were suspicious because something like this just doesnt happen a lot and we started our own investigations. Here are some of our own founds: 1. He uses a variety of different bet-sizes on any street and its always exact. Those are 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75%, 100%, 150%. Usually those sizings are on point, except for a few instances where his plays are extremely off (i.e. betting 75% small blind vs middle positon in a 3bet pot on Q33 rainbow) 2. There is one extremely weird looking hand, in which we think he messed up the correct suit. (One of us looked this up in a “all flops”-list he found on in which “accidentally” this perticular suit is missing on this board) link to hand: 3. He almost exclusively plays 100bb deep. He plays versus the best and toughest regs like Stefan11222, BigBlindBets and many more but almost never fewer than 100 big blinds deep. And if he plays shortstack he makes super bad mistakes. This is extremely suspicious because he used to be a tournament regular, which should be very comfortable playing at shorter stack depth. 4. He consistently makes very non-intuitive plays, which to very little surprise are all “solver-approved” 5. Comparing his upcoming to even the very very best players such as “LLinusLLove” or sickos of this game, he did in the fastest time seen so far. Only one year ago he was still playing NL100 6. Eventhough we dont have a big sample on his hands, the ones we have, all his frequencies look very good, which adds up to the suspicion. 7. His former roommates have detailed information, which apparently already has been reported to Pokerstars on how he uses a second set of mouse and keyboard to access his second PC on which he has all the solves.