Written by u/Eroticamancer Title: [Script Offer] [F4M] A Witch makes the Duke's Son her Pet [Drugged] [Fantasy] [Fdom] [Hypnosis] [Good boy] [Rape] Introduction: This scene is about the younger son in a duke that is very active in hunting down witches. One of these witches is a noble girl who was able to get an invitation to one of the duke's balls, which looks to be his last considering how ill the duke is. While at the ball, the witch finds the duke's younger son awfully sad. The voice actress plays a young noble lady who secretly practices witchcraft, while the listener is a duke's son who's about to be disinherited. = Suggested sound effect. (expression) = Suggested tone. "" = Dialogue line for voice actress. Estimated length: 15-25 minutes depending on pauses and SFX, especially with the sex noises at the end. “You don’t look too at home here. Strange, since I did hear you introduced as the duke's youngest son.” “Oh, I see, you’ve never been one for parties. You do strike me as the shy type.” “Don’t get upset at me! Look at yourself, practically quaking in your shoes as you glance around the room at all the well-dressed noble women.” “Well, as it happens, I’m not so fond of big formal events like this either, though I’m good at hiding it. Come, let the two of us miserably sample the wine together.” “What’s wrong? Got lead in your shoes? Aren’t these parties supposed to be so a handsome young lord like you can pick a pretty wife? Yes, that’s what I thought. Now come along and have a cup or two with me.” “Not a bad vintage, but I like my own brew better.” “What? A woman can’t brew wine? Well, it just so happens I brought a bottle of my own. It was supposed to be a gift for the duke, but... well, you are his son, even if you’re the least of his sons.” “That’s the spirit. Have a sip.” “What are you, a little girl? That’s not a sip that’s just getting your lips wet. Here, let me.” “There. Good, isn’t it? It has a certain sweetness to it. That’s overcoming the bitter flavor of the... oh, never mind. Anyway, tell me more about yourself. How did a duke’s son come to have such a sad expression on his cute little face?” “Oh, I see, your older brother treats you miserably, and your father is terribly ill. That’s tragic. You think your brother will kick you out on the streets to avoid letting you have any claim on the duchy? Very sad. I think I’m beginning to understand. Don’t hold back, you can vent to me to your heart’s content.” “I'm glad you find me easy to talk to. My heart goes out to yours. You’re truly in a precarious situation. If only you had someone to rely on to get you through this troubled time...” "My voice sounds strange to you? That's just you and I getting along so well." “Why am I leaning closer? Oh, I’m just getting a little more wine. Here, let me pour you some as well. Oh look, we’re nearly midway through the bottle!” “Oh my, you have very soft hands. And these arms don’t feel particularly well-muscled either. I doubt you’d do well if your brother kicked you out and you were forced to find work as a field hand. I’m certain a cute boy like yourself would have it rough among a bunch of sex-deprived commoners.” (Giggle) “Don’t give me that look. In fact, you should keep your eyes on me. Let your face and body go slack as you focus only on my eyes. I haven't practiced this except in front of a mirror, but I think... perfect. Look into my eyes. You should see faint lights sparkling in them, glowing more with each passing moment, encompassing your world entirely. I am your world, ignore the rest of it." “Now, where were we. Oh right, you don't think you're cute. My dear, you’re positively adorable, especially when you make a face like that. Say... are you feeling alright? You look like you’re a little dizzy.” “You’re probably just tired from the party. Tell you what, I found a back room earlier that’s a bit quieter. We can talk further there and finish off this bottle while you tell me all about your family troubles.” “Propriety? Don’t be silly, my delicious little lord. Don’t think so hard about it, you’re dizzy and tired. Let me lead you along. That’s it, take my hand and follow me. You're good at following me lead, just keep focusing on me. Don't take your eyes off of mine. Good boy.” (Pleased) “Here we are! Isn’t this a lovely little room? This must be the hundredth sitting room in the manor, and nobody even seemed to realize it was here. Your family sure is wealthy. It would be a shame to lose all that by getting kicked out.” “Take a seat next to me. Oh my, you seem even dizzier than you were before. Rest your head awhile on my bosom here. Now doesn’t that feel good? (Comforting) “Shh... just relax. You can feel the tingle in your in your legs? It should be starting now.” “That was the wine, my good boy. You drank half a bottle, which is why you’ve gotten so quiet all of a sudden. Don’t bother trying to fight it. It took me a lot of training to learn to overcome it, and I have the aid of a bit of magic.” “Yes, magic. Surprised? Witches like me rarely come forward and admit to knowing magic considering all the witch hunts going on. Doubly so for you. Your family plays no small role in financing many of the best witch hunters in the business. Such a shame." (Disappointed.) “But since you’ve told me so much about yourself, I suppose its only fair I tell you a bit about myself while my potion soothes your nerves. You should feel it anchoring your body down, weighing you down. You couldn’t move a limb if you tried.” “You see, I’m one of the witches the kingdom persecutes. Only I’m much better than most, and nobody ever expects a young noble woman to be so well-versed in occult magic. But its terribly tragic to have witch hunters milling around like a sword hanging over my neck. I may not be in much danger, but I’d rather let my less talented peers practice our craft in peace, understand?” (Serious) “Here, let me prove it.” “There. All your clothes are gone. You’re completely naked. It must be awfully embarrassing for such a cute and proper duke’s son like you to be naked in the presence of a noble lady. But don’t worry, with so much of my potion in you I don’t think you could run out on me even if you were willing to brave the party stripped bare.” “I’m seeing such a frightened look in your eyes! And yet your cock seems to be growing. Is this making you excited? Still, to ease your worries I'll tell you I’m not here to kill, kidnap, or blackmail you, my good boy. No, I’m after a much bigger prize. You see, I am a young noble lady from a minor family, and it is about time I find a man of my own. So I scoured the kingdom for the perfect match until I finally found you.” "So stop worrying. I'm taking care of you right now, aren't I? Set your fears to rest. You can trust in me. Just relax." (Soothing / Hypnotic) “That’s right, out of every man in the kingdom, I chose you. And you know why? We do share many interests, like reading ancient histories, or watching plays put on by talented singers. But there was one thing I was most interested in. I peered into my crystal ball, looking into the hearts of the men who most interested me. You know what I saw when I looked in on you? I saw you on your knees before a woman like me. A woman who could be me, if I claimed you.” “You’re a natural submissive, born to please and make others happy. I knew I could mold that. Like a sculptor working with wet clay, I could claim that part of you for myself. I could make it so you submit to me. Make it so you live to make me happy.” (Greedy) “Of course I’d help you as well. While you led from the front with your family’s wealth and power, I’d support you from the shadows with my magic. Do you think your brother could kick you out on the streets with me around? Not if he was terribly ill, just like your father. I know the witch who poisoned your father, and I could see her doing the same to your brother. She’d probably do the same to you, eventually. Not that I’d let that happen after I claimed you for myself.” (Protective) “Who knows? With my help, you might even one day take the place of your uncle, the king.” (Seductive) "That would make me very happy. And you want to make me happy, don't you?" (Hypnotic) "Of course you want to make me happy. After all, I'm your whole world. Nothing else matters." (Hypnotic) "You want to be my good boy, because when you're my good boy you get to feel pleasure. Here, let me show you." "You feel my touch? How my fingers glide over the taught skin there. I can feel you throbbing against my hand. I can feel you as hard as cold iron in my grip." "Let all the worries and tension from your life slip away. You are safe with me. I'll take care of you." "You can feel your mind letting go of your body, like your spirit is drifting along in an endless void, with only my voice to tether you to the waking world." "The lights in my eyes are my mind. My thoughts are reaching outwards, touching yours." "You love this sensation, the feeling of me running my thoughts through yours. Its a special connection, binding the two of us together." "Drift along helplessly in the void, hanging onto my voice like man at sea clinging to a raft. My voice is the world to you. I am your safety and your sanctuary." "How beautiful would it be to have my voice in your head forever?" "You could have that, you know. All you need to do is let me in." "Your mind is a castle, and my voice is at the gates. Unlock the doors and let me in." "Good boy. Lower your defenses and let me in. There's no need to be on guard against me. I have your own best interests at heart." "Your mind is growing quiet as you focus only on my voice. You're getting tired, so tired. You want to leave me free to wander. Free to think for you and free to tweak your head however I wish." "Doesn't it feel so good to submit to my voice? You're a little lost puppy who needs someone to take care of him. The rushing tides of my thoughts and magic are washing over you, wiping away your will and replacing it with my own." "Imagine feeling like this all the time. Imagine being clay, readily sculpted between my fingers. Wouldn't that be such a blissful existence?" “You’re deep in the throes of my potion now. A helpless boy drifting along in an endless void. You only have my voice to anchor you as my breasts and body support you. Come back to me now, because I want an answer.” “Would you like to be mine? You’d be my partner. A lesser partner, but a partner nonetheless. One who supports me in all things, just as I support them. I have great ambitions for you, if you’re willing to see them through for me. Imagine how much good magic could do if we witches could practice out in the open? You could make that happen for us one day, but only if you agree to be my good boy from now on.” (Seductive) “You agree? I want to hear you speak the words. Say from now on, you'll be my submissive, devoted duke, bound by me by lust and love.” "Good boy." (Happy) “Let me give you one last sip of my potion. Without the wine this time, mind you. This is the pure hallucinogen, brewed from my own cauldron. One sip will have you in this sweet, submissive, and easily influenced state for hours. Yes, I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I’m certain we’ll be doing this very frequently from now on.” "That blissful face of yours is adorable. And your mind feels so soft and welcoming. So pliable and open to all my suggestions." (Pleased.) "You don't want to be thrown out by your brother. In fact, you'd rather throw your brother out instead and take the title of duke for yourself. You think its terribly tragic how your father's people are hunting witches. You think magic is an amazing thing, and those who can use it should be respected and honored. As a duke, you could help make that happen." "Let my ambitions become your ambitions. You can feel my desires, and you want to fulfill them because you know doing so would make me happy. And you want me to be happy." "Good boy. You'll be such a perfect little lord for me." “I’ve got a special gift for you to commemorate our arrangement. You know how a man gives his betrothed a ring when they get engaged? Well, I have a ring for you, but it won’t be going around your finger.” “Yes, this little loop of silver slips right around your cock. It’s a magical ring that will fit snugly around you, hard or soft. Its magic is connected to me and lets me control your arousal. All I have to do is snap my fingers to bring you to the peak of lust. Let me fit it on you... perfect. You’re my good boy, but now this little cock of yours is mine as well. Let me demonstrate.” “Just like that. Feel yourself hardening? Feel lustful thoughts invading your mind? I could take them away too, you know, though I won’t do that to you now. For now, I think you deserve a reward for agreeing to become my good boy.” “And I think I know which part of you wants my reward the most. Let me shift around so I can get my lips on this stiff little cock of yours.” “Its so hard! I wish I could take full credit for that, though truthfully my magic is taking all the lust you feel for me and enhancing it.” “Feel my lips on your cock? The tremors of spine-shaking pleasure running through you? Nobody can do that for you except for me. In fact, with that ring on you nobody can bring you pleasure in this way except for me, but the pleasure I give you will be enhanced a hundred fold.” “Mhmm... such a cute, blissful look you have on your face.” “I can feel these balls of yours tightening, but my magic ring won’t let you release until I allow it. Let me get myself out of my clothes as well.” “The look in your eyes tells me you like what you see. What about down here? Do you like my pussy?” “That’s good. Because you’ll be very familiar with it in the future. Here, let me give you a taste. You can’t move much right now, but I can lie you down and open your mouth.” “Let me straddle you, just like this. Then I can rub my pussy against your lips. That’s perfect, my good boy.” “Oh, look at that! You managed to move your tongue, despite my potion. I’m very impressed. That deserves a reward. Originally, I wasn’t going to let you cum, but seeing as how eager you are to please, I’ve changed my mind. Here, let me twist myself around. While you use your tongue to please my wet pussy, I’ll use my mouth on that hard cock of yours.” “That’s perfect. And here I thought I’d need to spend the first few months training you to get to this point.” (Pleased) “I can feel myself getting closer. When I’m about to cum, I’ll release the spell on my ring preventing you from orgasming, that way we can cum together. Are you ready?” “Oh! Ah! Now, I’m cumming! Cum with me!” “Good boy. My good little lord. The next time I make you cum like that will be right after you become the new duke.”