[FF4M] [Script Offer] A Throuple Is Born: The Three-Way Blind Date [Part 1: At the Restaurant] [SFW] [Polyamory] [First Date] [Sweet] [Awkward] [Romantic] [Confident Girl, Shy Girl] [Goodnight Kisses] [Slow Burn] [Story Focused] [Sushi and Wine] [Slowly Growing Comfortable] [Working On Communication] [I Really Like You Two] “Listen. I have no idea what to expect from a date like this, and… I’m a little bit nervous. I don’t go on that many *regular* dates, so… this one is a little bit overwhelming.” “I know what you mean. I’ve dated plenty of men and women, but… never at the same time. So I’m out of my element, too. But… I have to say, I’m having a lot of fun!” “Yeah… me too. I’m still kind of anxious, but… I’m going to do my best to stop worrying and enjoy the moment. Because, weirdness aside… I think I’m really starting to like you two.” This should be a night to remember. Two young women, fiery Scarlett and timid Violet, find themselves in an unusual situation: a three-way blind date with a quiet, stoic man. The three have friends in common and have been talking online, but many questions remain unanswered — how does a three-way date *work*? Who talks first? Will there be any chemistry? As the night wears on and the trio grows more comfortable, they find themselves opening up to each other more than they expected. But as close as they quickly grow, one issue remains: what happens next? Hey! Thanks for clicking! This is Part 1 of a two-part FF4M script. It’s pretty long, somewhat emotional, and sickeningly cute. Part 1, where we see the trio get to know each other over a sushi dinner, is SFW — be sure to check out the NSFW Part 2, where the date takes a very *exciting* turn. The two parts are meant to go together, but they’re written in such a way that you could read/perform one or the other in isolation without missing too much context. Some quick notes: I named the characters “Scarlett” and “Violet,” but any performers can feel free to change those names or use their own. Doing so shouldn’t require any other changes to the script. Additionally, since I’m sure FF4M is already very difficult to edit, I intentionally excluded all non-vocal sound effects to make it easier. If you wanted to nail the atmosphere, you could add some “fancy restaurant” atmosphere to the first part and some “city street at night” atmosphere to the second part, but that’s strictly optional. Feedback is always welcome! Any interested performers are welcome to edit/improvise to their hearts’ content. *Asterisks are for emphasis* [Brackets are for direction] Line breaks are just there to make scanning easier – improvise with pauses all you like. [Character advice - Scarlett] Scarlett is a bold, confident, straightforward woman with a knack for double-entendre. She uses humor as a defense against vulnerability, but here, we see her in quite a vulnerable position – she’s just as unsure about this unconventional date as either of her partners. She’s loud and friendly, but she has a kind, sensitive side she’s less willing to share. [Character advice – Violet] Violet is painfully shy, incredibly sweet, and quite a bit fiercer than she appears. At first glance, she seems quiet and chaste, but this belies a deep maturity and self-certainty that only surfaces once she’s warmed up. As the night wears on, she finds herself holding back less and less, and in her eyes, this is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. -----[START]----- [Scarlett is escorted to the table by a hostess] (SCARLETT) Uh… yeah, I think that’s him right there. Thank you very much! [The hostess leaves, and Scarlett turns her attention to the listener] (SCARLETT) Um… hey there! This seat taken? I’m Scarlett. I’m… assuming you’re my date, right? Or *one* of my dates, at least. (SCARLETT) It’s good to finally meet you in person. I was worried you might not recognize me – I changed my hair the other day. (SCARLETT) Thanks! That’s very nice of you. I like it, too. And… you look nice yourself! Love the jacket. Very, um… dapper? Do people still say that? Oh, shut up! Whatever. I approve, is all I mean. I’m just glad you actually look like you do in your pictures. It’s always awkward when somebody — ooh, hold that thought, here comes our server. (SCARLETT) [to the server – friendly and enthusiastic] Hi! Yes, thank you very much. Uh… I think we should probably just do water and menus for now. We’re *supposed* to have one more coming, but… yeah. We’ll see. Thank you! (SCARLETT) [to the listener] *Speaking* of our third… look there. Right out the front window. There she is. Fidgeting and very much pretending not to notice us. I walked past her on my way in. She was doing her best to blend in with the sidewalk. (SCARLETT) No, I didn’t say anything. I let her be invisible. I mean… she looked like she was having second thoughts, so… I figured I’d give her the chance to ghost us if she really wants to. (SCARLETT) Like… I get it, you know? I, uh… I *maybe* thought about bailing, too. I mean… this is pretty weird, right? Kinda scary, even. I *never* go on blind dates, let alone blind dates with… two people. I… have *no* idea how this is supposed to work. So if she gets cold feet… that’s okay. I don’t blame her. No hard feelings. (SCARLETT) How did I finally decide to show up? Well… I dunno. I mean… you both come highly recommended from my friends, so that helps… and, uh… (SCARLETT) [uncharacteristically bashful] You guys just seemed… intriguing, I guess. After we talked online… I dunno. *You* seemed really funny and smart, and she… she’s pretty shy, I guess, but she’s so sweet and silly and, like… gentle. I just… I realized that I really wanted to meet you guys. Even if it ended up being… awkward. (SCARLETT) Oh, and… you’re both really cute, too. (SCARLETT) So… yeah. I really hope she decides to join us, but even if she doesn’t, I’m really excited to meet you. I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun. (SCARLETT) So… what about you? [sarcastically] Got a lot of experience with strange non-monogamous blind-date scenarios? (SCARLETT) You’re a newbie too, huh? You don’t say. Well… that’s good, I guess. We’ll both be stumbling through this together. Look at all these things we have in common already! (SCARLETT) So tell me about… wait. Wait, I think… she’s coming! She’s coming in! She’s… [conspiratorially] ok, act natural, alright? Like we haven’t seen her yet. Don’t make it weird. Er… *weirder,* at least. (VIOLET) [very shy] Um… hello. Are you guys my, uh… dates? (SCARLETT) [warm and friendly] We sure are! You must be Violet! (VIOLET) Uh huh… nice to meet you. (SCARLETT) Likewise! I’m Scarlett. Come on, have a seat – you haven’t missed much. I just got here a minute ago. (VIOLET) Yeah… okay. (SCARLETT) Oh my god, I *love* your earrings! What are they? (VIOLET) Oh… thank you. They’re… little dolphins. (SCARLETT) That’s *adorable*! With the little smiley faces and everything! Oh, I *love* it! (VIOLET) Yeah, thanks… they’re my favorite. (SCARLETT) Well, uh… let’s take a look at the menu, shall we? (VIOLET) Yeah… sounds good. (SCARLETT) Oh my *gooooood*… these all look fucking *delicious*. I’ve been craving sushi for *weeks*. I’m so glad Handsome over there picked this place. (VIOLET) Uh huh… (SCARLETT) What do you think: rolls or nigiri? (VIOLET) Umm… depends. (SCARLETT) Depends on what? (VIOLET) What’s… nigiri? (SCARLETT) Wait… have you never had sushi before? (VIOLET) Not… not really, no. Always seemed a little… intimidating. (SCARLETT) Yeah, especially on a first date! Well… no worries! You’re gonna *love* it. I promise. It’s seriously the greatest thing ever invented. And don’t worry - I’m a sushi veteran, and it sounds like Handsome is too, so we’ll be very, very gentle as we pop your cherry. (VIOLET) [uncomfortable] Umm… (SCARLETT) [embarrassed and apologetic] Oh. That was… oh, shit, I’m sorry. That was… a really weird thing to say, wasn’t it? I didn’t mean… I wasn’t trying to… shit. That’s embarrassing. (VIOLET) No… it’s okay. I know what you meant. (SCARLETT) Yeah? (VIOLET) Yeah. We’re good. (SCARLETT) Okay. Good. Still, I’m… sorry. So, uh… so if you’re new to sushi, we should get a big chef’s platter of the nigiri and a couple rolls. So you can try stuff out and see what you like. (VIOLET) Okay. Good plan. (SCARLETT) And… let’s see. How do we feel about wine? I’m *definitely* getting some. (VIOLET) [unsure] Oh, uh… I don’t know about that. (SCARLETT) No? Well… no pressure or anything. How about this: I’ll grab you a glass, and if you end up not wanting it, I’ll be more than happy to finish it for you. (VIOLET) Um… okay, yeah. Let’s do that. (SCARLETT) How about you, Handsome? Fancy a bit of booze? Attaboy. Okay, I’ll bring our order up to the bar. Be right back! (VIOLET) [hesitant attempt at bravery] Umm… so… so I guess we haven’t really introduced ourselves yet, have we? Well… hi. I’m Violet. You know, from… from the internet. (VIOLET) [blushing, stammering] I… wow, sorry, that was… that was stupid. Of *course* I’m from the internet, that’s where we… well, I mean, I’m not *from* the internet, obviously. That wouldn’t make any… that… uh… (VIOLET) I’m sorry. I’m… really, really nervous. I’ve never really… *done* anything like this. I… to be honest, I don’t even go on that many *regular* dates. This is… a little overwhelming, I guess. I have no idea what I’m doing. (VIOLET) You don’t either? Well… that’s comforting. Makes me feel a bit less… left-behind. (VIOLET) [low voice] Do you think… *she* knows what she’s doing? Scarlett, I mean? (VIOLET) You… really? You think she’s nervous, too? I mean… I guess she could have just waited for the server to come back. No need to rush our order over to the bar like that. But… she doesn’t really *seem* like the nervous type, does she? She seems… I dunno. Confident, I guess. Self-assured. (VIOLET) Yeah… you’re right. This situation would make anybody a little uncertain. She’s probably feeling a little bit of pressure too. (VIOLET) [timid] Well… I mean, yeah, I *do* feel some pressure. Not because of anything you or Scarlett said, nothing like that, it’s just… I dunno. With a *standard* date — a date with *one* person, I mean — there are certain… expectations, I guess? There’s a flow to things. Like, every date is different, but you have a pretty good idea of what comes next, you know? (VIOLET) But with *this*… I have no idea what to expect. Like… what do we *do*? Who talks first? What do we do after dinner? [sudden realization] God, who pays the *bill*?! Who… (VIOLET) Uh… sorry. I know you’re feeling the same thing. Scarlett, too. So… so that’s good, right? We’ll work it out… one step at a time. Probably. (VIOLET) Hey, um… thanks for listening. And for helping me… process. You’re sweet, and… and I *am* really excited to get to know you. Both of you. So I’m gonna do my best to stop stressing and just… have fun. Take things as they come. But… I just wanted you to know that I’m kinda anxious. So… cut me just a *little* bit of slack, okay? (VIOLET) Oh. Here she comes. (SCARLETT) [brashly] Glug-glug, bitches, here comes the fun! (VIOLET) Welcome back! (SCARLETT) I hope I didn’t miss too much. (VIOLET) [attempt at sarcasm] Oh, you know… some laughs, some tears, a little bit of bloodshed. (SCARLETT) Aw, dammit. Of *course* I miss the juicy stuff. (VIOLET) You’ll have to make up for lost time, I guess. What did you get? (SCARLETT) Three fancy glasses and a bottle of their *finest* red. (VIOLET) Ooooh. (SCARLETT) Wait, did I say “finest”? I meant “cheapest.” And “reddest.” (VIOLET) It’ll do. (SCARLETT) My thoughts exactly. Okay, let me pour. Here’s a glass for Handsome… a *generous* glass for me, and… what do you think, Violet? Wine? No wine? Like I said, no pressure — I took the bus, so I can finish whatever you don’t. (VIOLET) [small burst of confidence] Actually, I… I think a glass of wine sounds lovely. (SCARLETT) Yes! Awesome! Heeeere you go! (VIOLET) Thanks. (SCARLETT) You’re very welcome, my dear. Hey, uh… mind if I propose a toast? (VIOLET) Not at all. (SCARLETT) Alright, then — glasses up! To a very handsome man and two very sexy ladies, to a *delicious* sushi dinner, and to one less lonely night. Cheers! (VIOLET) Cheers! <(optional) drinking sounds> (SCARLETT) Mmm… you know what? Not too bad for the price. (VIOLET) Yeah, it’s pretty good! (SCARLETT) Ok, so this was bothering me on my way over here: Handsome told us all about his job online, but I *totally* forgot to ask you about *your* job, Violet. My bad. (VIOLET) No, that’s okay! I’m… not very good at chatting on the internet, anyway. (SCARLETT) Mmm… I dunno about that. Your meme game is pretty strong. (VIOLET) I don’t think that counts. But to answer your question, I’m a marine biologist. (SCARLETT) Woah, are you serious? You’re a *scientist*? For real? (VIOLET) Yep! I work at the university. (SCARLETT) Oh my god, that’s so… your *earrings*! With the *dolphins*! Oh, that’s *perfect*! (VIOLET) Yeah… not very subtle. Most of my research involves dolphins, so… (SCARLETT) *Please* tell me you get paid to pet dolphins. (VIOLET) Not exactly. Mostly I see them from a pretty good distance. My research is about tracking their migration, and if I get too close, I might, like... scare them off. (SCARLETT) [disappointed] Aww. That’s a shame. (VIOLET) [smiling] Well, I mean… sometimes we have to bring one in to tag it before migration season. And, um, you certainly can’t tell any of my colleagues about this, but… a couple times, I’ve *maybe* snuck into the tank for a quick belly-rub. (SCARLETT) That’s *awesome*. (VIOLET) [proud] Yeah… a little bit. (SCARLETT) I am *so* jealous! Dolphins are, like, my favorite animal *ever*. (VIOLET) [surprised] Woah, really? They are? (SCARLETT) Yeah, dude! [wistfully] They’re kind of… inspiring, I guess? Like, they’re brilliant, they’re powerful, and they’re so… *free*. But they’re free in a complicated way — like, they have the whole open ocean to explore whenever they want, right, but they still always stick close to their friends and family. They go on all kinds of adventures, hunting and playing and all that, but they do it *together*. So… so they’re really independent, but they’re always surrounded by all this love and affection. And… I dunno. I just think that’s really cool. You know what I mean? (VIOLET) [quietly intrigued] Yeah… yeah, I know *exactly* what you mean, actually… (SCARLETT) [oblivious] Can you believe it, Handsome? We’re on a date with a *biologist*! That’s so cool! And so impressive! And maybe just a *little* bit hot. (VIOLET) [bashful] Oh, uh… I… (SCARLETT) Sorry, sorry! I swear I don’t mean to keep making it weird. I just… my filter doesn’t work so good sometimes. (VIOLET) No, no! You’re not making anything weird. I promise. I just… get a little shy. (SCARLETT) Well, still… I’ll tone it down a bit. (VIOLET) No, you… you don’t have to, um… [small voice] I… I kinda like it. It’s… nice. (SCARLETT) [intrigued] Oh? Hmm. Noted. (VIOLET) [embarrassed] Uh… anyway. How about you? We haven’t heard what you do for work, either. (SCARLETT) Me? Oh, simple: graphic design is my passion. (VIOLET) Ok, my meme game is definitely strong enough to have heard *that* one before. (SCARLETT) No, I’m serious! Well, *mostly* serious. I’m a graphic designer. (VIOLET) Oh, cool! What kind of graphic design? (SCARLETT) Oh, you know. All kinds of stuff. Mostly commercial – advertisements and stuff. Depends who’s paying. (VIOLET) So do you work for, like, a firm, or… (SCARLETT) Nope. Freelance. (VIOLET) Wow. That has to be challenging. But… it also sounds pretty fun! Must be nice getting to set your own hours, choose your own clients… (SCARLETT) [suddenly unsure] Uh… yeah. (VIOLET) [surprised – did she say something wrong?] Oh. Is it… not? (SCARLETT) [holding something back] No, it is! I… I dunno. Nevermind. (VIOLET) Umm… okay. We don’t have to talk about it. But… it kinda sounds like you want to. Turns out *he* is a pretty good listener, and… so am I. But no pressure. (SCARLETT) No, it’s… it’s nothing, really. It’s just… [quietly] it’s been kind of… difficult lately. (VIOLET) How so? (SCARLETT) [cautiously] Uh… I don’t know. It’s nothing *serious*, really, but, like… do you ever think you can have *too* much control? Like your options can be *too* open? (VIOLET) Um… I’m not sure what you mean. (SCARLETT) Yeah, I’m probably explaining this badly. Let me think… (SCARLETT) Like… it’s nice to be able to set your own pace and follow your own path, but… sometimes it’s nice to have someone there to point you in the right direction, I guess. (SCARLETT) I, uh… I’m the kind of person who needs… people. I guess. *Lots* of people. And… it used to be fine. I don’t get to talk to anyone at my job, but I had a bunch of friends, a girlfriend… as many people as I could possibly want. (SCARLETT) [more timidly] And then, a while back… she left me. And that was sad, obviously, but… I’ve had breakups before. Nothing I couldn’t handle. But then… I mean, you know what happened. The whole world shut down. And most of my friends either got sick or moved away from the city to avoid getting sick. (SCARLETT) So, all of a sudden… they were gone. Everybody, all at once. And, uh… and I don’t think I handled that too well . So I love what I do, but… but it’s been kind of hard to do it lately. Every time I wake up and sit down at my computer, knowing I won’t see another human being all day, knowing that I’m going to spend the whole week alone, feeling so… so… (SCARLETT) Shit, I’m… I’m sorry, you guys. I am straight-up *murdering* the mood right now . I… I shouldn’t be complaining. Lots of people have that same story. I know that. Sorry for getting all mopey. I… really hate it when I do that. That was… stupid of me. A little bit… pathetic, I guess. My bad. I’ll pull it together. (VIOLET) [very, very quietly] …bullshit. (SCARLETT) So I… wait, what did you say? (VIOLET) [uncharacteristically bold] I said that’s bullshit. (SCARLETT) [stunned] Woah. (VIOLET) [serious] Do *not* apologize for that. Seriously. It doesn’t matter how many people are feeling the same thing you are. It matters that *you* are feeling it. What you were talking about… that *hurts*, and that’s okay. That’s a valid feeling, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of feeling it. Ever. You shouldn’t apologize for needing what you need, and you shouldn’t apologize for making those needs known. That’s just… healthy. Okay? (SCARLETT) [still stunned] I, uh… I’m not sure what to say right now. (VIOLET) [coming to her senses] I… oh. Oh dear. Oh my goodness, I’m so, *so* sorry! That was… I don’t know what came over me! I… I shouldn’t have jumped down your throat like that. I… oh no… (SCARLETT) No… it’s okay. I mean, forgive me for saying this, but… that *was* a little bit shocking, coming from you. (VIOLET) I just… I dunno. Hearing you talk down to yourself like that, that tone in your voice… it made me really sad. (SCARLETT) It did? (VIOLET) Yeah, because… you know… [small voice] because I like you. (SCARLETT) [smiling] Yeah? Good. I… I like you too. Both of you. (SCARLETT) You know… you don’t have to apologize either. For saying all that, I mean. You could have just brushed it off, but… you didn’t. You were totally right, and… it was really, really sweet of you. (VIOLET) Well… I meant it. I… I want to get to know you guys. To *really* know you. With all the not-so-fun stuff that entails. That’s… that’s why I’m here. (SCARLETT) [impressed] Yeah… me too. I guess… there’s no reason to be coy about that stuff, is there? Not in a situation as... *unconventional* as ours. (VIOLET) Yeah… I guess not. (SCARLETT) Mmm. Well, I do take issue with *one* thing you said. (VIOLET) [timid] Oh. You do? (SCARLETT) [gravely] Yes. Violet… you *cursed*. (VIOLET) …what? (SCARLETT) [very serious] You did. Two times. I heard it. You said a swear, and it hurt my ears. Very unladylike. (VIOLET) Oh my god… (SCARLETT) I’ll let it slide this time, but, you know… watch that shit. I’m sensitive. (VIOLET) Oh, shut up and drink your wine. (SCARLETT) Can’t. Glass is empty. Number two, here we come… (VIOLET) Yeah, pour it, and then *I’ll* propose a toast. (SCARLETT) Yeah? Go for it! (VIOLET) *clears throat* To new stories, new friends… and hopefully something more. (SCARLETT) [smiling] Yeah… I’ll drink to that. (VIOLET) Me too. I… oh! Here comes our food! (SCARLETT) Oh *hell* yeah, I am so *stoked*! Break open those chopsticks! Let’s do this! (VIOLET) [hesitantly] Right… chopsticks… (SCARLETT) Oh my god. Don’t tell me… have you never… (VIOLET) Um… help? Please? (SCARLETT) [faux-pity] Oh, sweetie. Don’t worry — you’re in good hands. Handsome, you show her the ropes. I’ll top off her glass. She’s gonna need it. (VIOLET) Oh my god… that was so *good*! (SCARLETT) What did I tell you? Food of the gods. Manna from heaven. (VIOLET) I had no idea what I was missing! (SCARLETT) Well, we’ll have to do it again! (VIOLET) Yes, please! On paper, it sounds so weird, but when you actually try it, it’s… (SCARLETT) You okay? (VIOLET) Yeah, I’m fine, just… kinda cold. (SCARLETT) Oh no! That’s not good. You know, it was *Handsome* who offered to walk me to the bus stop — you don’t have to. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all. Where did you park? (VIOLET) No, no, I’ll be fine! I just need to get my blood moving, that’s all. (SCARLETT) You sure? (VIOLET) Yeah! I’m… I’m not done hanging out just yet. (SCARLETT) Aww! You’re so *cute*! Isn’t she, Handsome? (VIOLET) What? No! No, you don’t have to do that, that’s… (SCARLETT) Come on, Violet! When a dreamy boy offers you his coat, you say “yes.” (VIOLET) Just… are you sure? (SCARLETT) He looks pretty sure to me. He’ll be fine! (VIOLET) Well… okay. Thank you. (VIOLET) I’ve… I’ve been having a lot of fun, you guys. Way more than I expected. I was pretty anxious, but… you’ve both made me feel really comfortable and… valued, I guess. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way on a date. (SCARLETT) Yeah? Good! Glad to hear I stack up well against the other girls you’ve dated. (VIOLET) [hesitantly] Um… yeah. (VIOLET) [shyly] Um… can I tell you guys something? (SCARLETT) Of course you can! (VIOLET) I’ve, um… I’ve never actually… *been* on a date with a woman before. (SCARLETT) Woah. Really? (VIOLET) Yep. Never. (SCARLETT) No kidding? Wow. That’s… I’ve gotta say, I’m a little surprised. (VIOLET) You are? (SCARLETT) Well, I mean… a few of the girls I’ve dated had never been with a woman before, but the scenario isn’t usually this… complicated. (VIOLET) Yeah… yeah, I picked a weird way to start, huh? (SCARLETT) You’ve got that right. So, if you don’t mind me asking… if you’ve never dated a woman — or more than one person — why did you decide to come out with us? (VIOLET) [bashful] Um… it’s kind of a long story. (SCARLETT) Well… we’ve got a long walk ahead of us. (SCARLETT) [gently] We definitely don’t have to talk about it. Not a big deal. But… remember how you helped me talk about some heavy stuff earlier tonight? I’d be a pretty shitty date if I didn’t offer to return the favor. Plus, I’m kind of digging this “radical communication” thing we’ve got going so far. It’s nice. (VIOLET) Yeah… it is. (VIOLET) [halting, unsure] I, um… I’ve *known* I like girls for a long time now, but until recently, it just… hasn’t been a possibility for me. (VIOLET) [still timid] I think I mentioned how I don’t go on many dates, right? Well, that… might have been a bit of an understatement. Actually, I’ve… only ever dated *one* person. (SCARLETT) [kindly] I see. (VIOLET) We were high school sweethearts. All told, we were together for… nine years? I think? We… towards the end, we didn’t really keep track of anniversaries anymore. So, um... so you can probably see where this is going. (VIOLET) When it started… we were in love. *So* in love. I was *positive* that it would be forever. How could it not be, you know? I gave him… *everything*. My heart, my youth, my… (VIOLET) Yeah. So… so we went on like that for a long time — *pretty sure* we loved each other, but... not really doing anything to test that theory, I guess. And then, eventually… I started feeling these things I had never felt before. Like… when I went out with my friends — male or female — I would, like… stare at them. Notice their eyes and their noses and their lips. I would wonder what it would be like to hold their hands or fall asleep with them. [embarrassed] And later, I would… *dream* about them. If you know what I mean. (VIOLET) And… I was really, really ashamed of those feelings. I felt like a traitor. So I thought the best thing to do would be to talk to my boyfriend about them. Just… come clean. Ask him to help me understand what I was feeling. And that… was a mistake. (VIOLET) [quietly] He… didn’t want to hear it. He got angry. Told me I couldn’t see my friends anymore. He… *shamed* me. Said *awful* things. It was… terrible. (VIOLET) And… and I started to realize that things had changed. [disgusted] And I realized that he *hadn’t* changed. That he had *always* been so… so jealous, so insecure, so controlling, so cruel, so… *boring*. And I started to think about all the things I had missed out on because of him. All the ways he held me back. (VIOLET) So, about a year ago… I left. Moved out here. Started over. And I wasn’t sure if I would ever date again, but… that wasn’t important. I just needed to… find myself, I guess. (VIOLET) [shyly] And then… I started talking to you two. And I was… shocked. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Talking to you, Scarlett, I felt so *excited* — I remembered all the things I always wanted to explore but never had a chance to. And talking to *you* — (SCARLETT) [interrupting] “Handsome.” Call him “Handsome.” Try it. It’s fun. (VIOLET) And talking to you, *Handsome*... I thought of all the things I wished my ex could have been, but never was. You’re so… calm, and kind, and patient, and… (VIOLET) I dunno. Tonight was scary and new, yeah, but… I knew I had to do it. I knew I had to meet you two. I… I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. (VIOLET) So… how’s that for “radical communication”? (SCARLETT) Not bad! Not bad at all. (SCARLETT) [quiet kindness] Thanks for telling us that, Violet. Seriously. It can’t have been easy. I’m happy you trusted us with it. (VIOLET) Yeah… I am, too. (SCARLETT) And, I mean... I haven't known you for very long, so maybe this won't mean much, but... I'm really proud of you. For that decision you made, I mean. I'm proud of you for getting yourself out of that situation. Because... you do *not* deserve that. For real. You are... you are just so *good*, you know? You're this bright, brilliant, kind, honest, *beautiful* woman, and if anyone in the world deserves to be happy, it's you. You deserve to live on your terms, and no one else's. (VIOLET) [smiling] That... that really *does* mean a lot, Scarlett. Thank you. (SCARLETT) You know… I feel close to you two right now. *Really* close. Really *comfortable*. Isn’t that weird? (VIOLET) A little bit, yeah. But I know what you mean. (SCARLETT) This feels… good. *Right*. Like… I thought we would probably have fun tonight, but I didn’t expect it to be so… *lovely*. You know? (VIOLET) Yeah. I do. (SCARLETT) It’s the weirdest thing, but… I like you two. I really, really like you. (SCARLETT) Well… here’s the bus stop. Still got a few minutes before the bus shows up, though. (VIOLET) That’s okay! We’ll wait with you. [to listener] Won’t we? (SCARLETT) Thanks, babes. (SCARLETT) [cautiously but mischieviously] Hey, Violet, uh… so you’ve never been out with a woman before, right? (VIOLET) [hesitantly] Right… (SCARLETT) Right. So… do you like it? (VIOLET) I… yeah. It’s different, but… I really like it. (SCARLETT) [quietly] Well, then… I have another “different” idea. Just, uh… feel free to smack me if it’s too much, but… somehow, I don’t think you will. (VIOLET) What are you… (VIOLET) [panting] Wow… that… that was… (SCARLETT) Yeah? You like? (VIOLET) Holy *shit*. (SCARLETT) Language. (VIOLET) Shut up. Shut up and… (VIOLET) Best date *ever*. (SCARLETT) No kidding! Handsome here got dinner *and* a show. Hold tight, Violet — I would hate for him to feel left out. Come here, Handsome… (VIOLET) You two are… beautiful together. (SCARLETT) You think so? Well… I wonder if he looks as beautiful with *you*. (VIOLET) [dreamily] Yeah… yeah, I do too… (SCARLETT) [amorously] There you go… that’s perfect. (VIOLET) Whew. You two… are *good* kissers. (SCARLETT) I agree. We make a good team. (SCARLETT) [disappointed] Aw… *shit*. Here’s the bus. (VIOLET) [disappointed] Oh… (SCARLETT) Hmm… okay. I have an idea. (SCARLETT) I'm texting you both my address riiiiiight… *now*. I’m going to take the bus home, take a shower, get into something comfy, put on some music, and… wait. And if I end up waiting for a couple hours and going to bed, that would be totally fine. A night well-spent. *Very* well-spent. (SCARLETT) [mischievous] But… if any cute, shy girls and/or handsome young men happened to knock on my door in the meantime, I would have no choice but to… *entertain* them for the night, would I? (VIOLET) [bashful] What… what are you… (SCARLETT) I think you know *exactly* what I mean. And like I said… I’m happy to just go to bed. But… going to bed is a lot more fun with company, wouldn’t you agree? (VIOLET) [stammering] Uh… I… um… (SCARLETT) Shhh. Just think about it, okay? (VIOLET) [quietly] Yeah… okay. (SCARLETT) Good. Now then… I have to go. But I think goodnight kisses are in order. One for my sweet girl… (SCARLETT) …and one for my sweet boy. (SCARLETT) Mmm. You guys taste good. Either way… thanks for a wonderful night, you two. I’ll talk to you both very, very soon. (VIOLET) Yeah… you will. Good night, Scarlett. (SCARLETT) ‘Night, my lovelies. (VIOLET) She’s… a force of nature, isn’t she? (VIOLET) And you… just… I dunno. I’m… really lucky to have kissed a man as sweet as you. Tonight was… perfect. (VIOLET) So… I’m parked just over there, but… do you mind if I hold on to your coat for now? I’m still kinda cold, and… and this will be some extra incentive for you to come see me again. (VIOLET) Listen… I won’t ask if I’ll see you later tonight — I’m still not sure about it myself — but… I really, *really* want to see you soon. I’m pretty sure that’s all I’m gonna think about in the meantime. Do you think we can make that happen? (VIOLET) Yeah? Good. (VIOLET) Well then… I don’t think my goodnight kiss will be as *flashy* as Scarlett’s, but… I hope it does the trick. (VIOLET) [sweetly] Until next time, then? Good night, Darling. See you soon. -----[END — CONTINUED IN PART 2: IN THE BEDROOM]-----