You are John Zimbo, a survivor trying to survive in a world filled with infected zombies everywhere. You have a pistol and a backpack. You have managed to survive several months avoiding zombies and scavenging food. You cautiously enter a rundown store and hear the muffled sounds of a radio. You cautiously enter and see two men holding up customers at gunpoint. You see that they are wearing armbands that say "safe zone" on them. > You sneak up behind the two men. You move up behind the two men. One notices you, but not before you manage to hit him in the head with your pistol. > You shoot the other man in the foot. You shoot the man in the head several times and he falls to the ground. You open the store safe and find it full of money. > You burn the money. You put the money into a cloth and hold it tightly while you run outside. You drop the money on the ground and set it on fire, watching it burn. You look around cautiously before running to the next building. > You say "is there anyone there?" You enter the next building and find a family eating dinner. They look up from their food when they see you. You yell "get out here!" The family does not move. > You unload a whole clip into the family. You fire several shots into the family, killing them. You yell "move!" Again, no reaction. The family did not react to you as a threat before so it is unlikely that they will react now. > You continue shooting the family. You continue shooting the family and eventually you run out of bullets. You yell "You're dead!" They still don't move. You are about to reset and try again when you hear a gunshot behind you. > You duck behind cover. You hide behind a corner, instantly feeling relief when you see the man with the gun disappear down another hallway. You listen for any sign of him, but hear nothing. > You say "Come back here you piece of shit" You continue hiding when you hear the gunshots getting closer and closer. Finally, they are right behind you. You turn to see the man from before walking down the hallway. "I got him. I got him," > You use your wizard powers to disintegrate the man with a beam of lava. You mentally prepare yourself for the painful sensation of your brain melting when you use your wizard powers for the first time. You instantly feel a pain in your brain and see visions of red. > You annihilate the entire building with your laser breath. You focus your will and unleash a blast of red hot laser fire from your mouth. You watch the building burst into flames and collapse, collapsing on top of each other. > You fly to north korea. You fly to the North Korean boarder. You plan on checking the army base you have heard about, and then heading to Washington if needed. You walk along the boarder line for a few hours. > You say "COME OUT AND FIGHT ME ONE ON ONE KIM-JONG UN!" You begin beating your chest and yelling at a North Korean soldier who appears to have been ordered to stay back. He begins to raise his gun, but you make a threatening gesture. He stops and returns to his post. > You sprint on all fours like a cheetah to where kim jong un is hiding. You make a full run from the North Korean guards to the point you can see where the leader is hiding, located in some grassy hillside. > You say "where is kim jong un? that commie bastard needs to pay" You walk up to the leader and demand that he come out. When he does so, you begin beating on him. > You continue beating him while singing 'the star spangled banner' as loud as possible, tears streaming down your face. You punch the leader several times, ignoring his attempts to defend himself. "We will trample you like the red-haired commie scum you are," > You grab a grenade and jam it into his mouth with the pin pulled. You pull the pin and throw the live grenade at him, then begin laughing maniacally. 'All around the world, the workers are rising up!' 'They will Build the Road our Bodies Walk On! > You say "wait am I the communist scum?" The man attempts to get up, but you kick him in chest, knocking him back to the ground. He pulls the pin of the grenade and you take off running. You travel back to Washington, only to discover that the capital has been replaced by a communist city. There are signs and banners explaining that all white males will be subjected to hormone therapy and forced to wear maid dresses. They plan to send them to 'manshops' where they will perform 'machines jobs' such as welding, assembling cars and cleaning toilets. You are instantly hit by a car driven by a trans woman. > You break into the white house. You walk into the white house, and immediately the trans woman stops driving her car at you. > You say "women, am I right?" "Yes, women!" she says while giving a middle finger salute. You notice all the other women in the area, who all turn and stare at you. You notice a house made out of candy and approach it. > You say "this must be the oval office! Let's see who is behind all of this." You enter the oval office and see a man sitting in a chair. It's the great overlord, but older and more tired looking. "Why have you done this to our great nation?" you demand. Joe Biden makes no indication that he can see or hear you. It seems that he had been dead for a while.# You notice a photo of Barak sitting on his desk. "Why was I not informed of this?" "Because you were busy going on vacation with your family instead of doing your job." You turn around. Hillary Clinton stands infront of you with a gun pointed at your head. She begins laughing sadistically. "It's not too late to save yourself. Give me all of Trumps' and VP's medical records," > You open your coat to reveal 200 lit sticks of dynamite. you begin singing 'Born in the USA' as you sprint full force at Hillary, crashing through the front window of the oval office. You sprint for all you're worth, but the dynamite explodes, killing you instantly. You realize too late that by dying, you've also blown up the entire white house. > You say "At least... I'm not a democrat" The angel of death comes and carries you to heaven. There, you see saint Peter sitting at a desk. "Please raise your hand if you're christian and want to enter heaven." > You raise your hand. "Sorry, we can only take in so many." > You say "I killed hillary clinton though" "There's the door" You enter the room and close the door behind you. There, you meet the second most powerful people in the world: The leaders of the communist rebellion." The 'Curb your Enthusiasm' theme plays. Roll credits. END