[F4M] [Script Offer] I'm So Sorry - Brainwashing You Was the Only Way [Drugged] [Rape] Sweet, Sad [Yandere] Reluctant [Betrayal] [Homewrecker] [Blowjob] [Cunnilingus] [Cowgirl] [Creampie] [Brainwashing] but kinda [Romantic] [Slow Build] [Emotional] [I Feel So Guilty] [Am I a Monster?] [L-bombs] by MarlonBolano “I… drugged you. That sounds really bad, but… that’s what I did. And I’m so, so sorry, but it was the only way to make you understand. I’m going to touch you now, and as I do… all those happy places in your brain where your fiancée lives? I’m going to fill them up with me instead. And once we’re done, I’ll be inside of you forever. I’m sorry. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but soon you'll understand. Now… kiss me.” A shy, lonely grad student invites her classmate over for a late-night study session. Unbeknownst to him, however, she has been obsessed with him for years, and her want has slowly grown to desperation. How can she show him how much she loves him? How can she pull him away from his brilliant, beautiful fiancée? She remembers dark secrets she encountered in her studies abroad - forbidden concoctions that can alter a victim's mind, making them compliant and... changeable. Will she be willing to do whatever it takes to claim her one true love, even if she must abandon her humanity in the process? Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my script. It’s only my third one, and it's my first attempt at using one of the more "controversial" tags (although I think you'll find that it's not *that* extreme). All feedback and criticism is welcome, and any interested performers are welcome to edit/improvise to their hearts' content. *Asterisks are for emphasis* [Brackets are for direction] Line breaks are just there to make scanning easier – improvise with pauses to your heart’s content. [Tonal advice] This yandere isn’t evil or crazy, per se – she’s just incredibly sad and desperate. She probably sounds almost like a good, sympathetic person. I picture her tone as very soft, gentle, and patient, though she sometimes bubbles over with emotion. -------[START]------- Well, that does it. My brain is stuffed. At capacity. Filled to the brim. If I study for one more minute, I might go completely insane. Oh, here's that book I borrowed last week. I, uh... put a couple of notes in the margin. Sorry! I do that with all my books, and... I guess I wasn't thinking. But they're in pencil, so... you can probably erase them? If that doesn't work, I'll totally buy you a new copy. Anyway, uh… thanks for coming over. I really needed the help. I thought neuropharmacology was tough in undergrad, but grad school… yikes. I was kinda feeling like I was in over my head. But you make it all look so easy! No, don’t be modest! I’m totally serious. Oh, shut up! You know I’m right. You *know* I’m right. Be real. You’re really talented with this stuff, and I… Yeah, I, uh… I dunno. Sometimes I just… sometimes it feels like I’m… not cut out for this program. Like, I see you and everybody else in our cohort being all… brilliant, and I can never quite keep up, you know? And those guys, our classmates, they’re nice and everything, but… I dunno. I can tell they… it feels like they look down on me. Just a little bit. Like, I don’t think they mean to, and if you asked them, they would probably say that I’m smart and insightful and all that, but, like… they never want to hear what I think, you know? They never… when they’re struggling with some new theory or whatever, I’m never the person they turn to. That's all. And, like… that’s okay, I guess. I don’t have to be the smartest girl in school. But… I mean… it just feels like they don’t have any faith in me. In my abilities. Like they’re just putting up with me until I… disappear. Every PhD cohort has that one student who just can’t hack it and washes out by year three, you know, and… I guess it feels like everybody’s already decided who it’s going to be. And I could deal with that feeling if it was just, like, one or two assholes putting me down from the back of the classroom, but… I dunno. It’s really hard when you’re getting that feeling from… everyone. [much smaller voice] Everyone except… you. [long beat] Oh, uh, I I’m… shit, I’m really sorry, you… you didn’t sign up for serious time! I got carried away. Sorry, sorry, I just… what I was trying to say is that I really appreciate having you around, and I’m really glad I got a chance to… pick your brain a bit. Oh! Wow, you’re right! How did it get so late? I guess I needed a LOT of help. Oh, well. Tomorrow’s Saturday, right? Not such a big deal if we’re up past our bedtimes. [dejected tone] Uh… oh. [haltingly – she doesn’t want to think about her competition] She… she’s expecting you back? That’s… too bad. I was kind of hoping that… [in a panic – he’s trying to leave] No, wait wait wait! Don’t, uh, don’t… Don’t leave just yet. Please. I… I mean, you did me such a huge favor, so it’s only fair if, I mean, uh, why don’t you, uh… can I make you a drink? No, no booze included. I know you’re a responsible driver. But… I’m a really good hand at, like, hot chocolatey drinks, and I’ve got one or two specialties I could whip up for you. I… I really want to. You’ve been really kind to me. Tonight and ever since I met you. I just… I want to do something nice for you. Even if it's something tiny. Would that be okay? [dead serious – she’s trying hard to hide it, but she’s desperate] Please. Just one drink. Fifteen minutes. It’s… silly, I know. But it’ll help you sleep, and… it would make me really happy. [beat] Oh! Yes! That’s— yes, good, cool, okay, I, uh… Awesome! So, uh, why don’t you go take a seat on the couch over there, and I’ll be right back with… something really special. [long beat] [she’s flopping down on the couch with two mugs of “hot chocolate”] Here you go! Made with love. Oh, it’s mostly hot chocolate. You know, from the little packets. Not the finest ingredients there. But there’s some cream, some coconut milk, just a pinch of coffee and mint, and, uh… some special herbs and spices. No, I’m not going to tell you! What kind of chef reveals her secret recipe? Right? You just… trust me. Give it a sip and tell me you don’t like it. Just… just drink it. It’s good, right? I’ve been working on it for a while. Took me forever to get the formula just right. You… you drink that, sit back, and relax a bit. [timidly] You know… we talk about school and chemistry and all that stuff all the time, but… we never really talk about, like, our lives, do we? Like… you know a little bit about me — probably too much after that motormouth thing I did earlier — and I know some stuff about you, but since we’re gonna be seeing a lot of each other over the next few years… shouldn’t we maybe learn to just, like, chat a bit? Like… I know you’re engaged, right? To… what’s her name again? Right. That’s… I like that name. I remember meeting her at that orientation party last year. She’s… she’s good, isn’t she? Smart and pretty and nice and… a catch, I guess. Yeah… I guess you *are* lucky. She’s… really something. But, I mean… Ok, listen. I know that you’ve known her for a long time, and I have absolutely no right to ask something like this, but… are you happy? Are you, like… *really* happy? [in a panic – she’s offended him] No, no, I— I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to— I just… shit, this isn’t going like I… I just meant that you’re… you’re really special, and you deserve to be special, and… it just doesn’t seem like she makes you feel special. And she’s great, I know she’s great, and she deserves to be happy too, but it sometimes feels like you two don’t… [even more panicked – he’s standing up] *No*! Please, you can’t leave, you have to— no, listen to me, you really need to sit down right now, you don’t understand, I’m sorry if I offended you, but you need to listen to me, if you don’t sit down right now, you’re going to— [sudden guilty tone – she can see the “hot chocolate” is kicking in] Oh. You’re… you’re feeling lightheaded? That’s, uh… yeah, you should… you should sit down. Just… just come back over here to the couch, and… sit down. There. That’s better. Lean back for a little bit and… just relax. [quiet, guilty] Yeah, I know. I know you can’t move. I… I know. [urgent – he can’t move his body and he’s panicking] No no no, shhh, shhh, calm down. I know this is scary, but just shhhhh, calm down, I promise it’s going to be okay, I *promise*. Just calm down, let your body relax, and… let me explain. *Please* let me explain. [with great reluctance - it’s too late for her to turn back now] I… drugged you. That sounds really bad, but… that’s what I did. And I… [on the verge of tears – she honestly feels terrible about this] I just… oh my god, you must be so scared, and I never wanted to make you scared, and... oh my god, I’m such a fucking monster, but I just… I couldn’t think of any other way. I had to. I *had* to. [a little more calmly – the hard part is over and she’s gonna make it all better] Just… listen, okay? I lied to you tonight, and that makes me totally unworthy of you, but… it was the last time, okay? I’m never going to lie to you again. Never. That’s a promise. I know… I know you’re scared, and I know you’re probably angry, but… It's going to be okay. Here's what I'm going to do. I’m going to tell you exactly what’s happening to you, and I’ll tell you exactly what’s *going* to happen, and… and then you’ll understand. Okay, uh… did I ever tell you that how I finished my undergrad? No? Well, I traveled around studying traditional medicines, and… some of the places I visited have a looooong history with narcotic substances. There are places where every family has a great-great-uncle who was an honest-to-god witch doctor, and over all those generations, they came up with some… really powerful stuff. Impotence potions, of course — every culture has its aphrodisiacs — but also some… other concoctions. Like… if you use the right combination of roots and berries, you can turn off parts of somebody’s brain. Temporarily. Add a little bit of sap and bark, and you can make other parts of the brain… open up. Make a person more suggestible. Make their true self come out. And there are some other compounds that cause a… well, a sort of trance. A waking dream where everything is beautiful and fear can never touch you. Put it all together and… you get my secret recipe. Right now, I’ve turned off the parts of your brain that let you move of your own will. But I’ve opened up the parts of your brain that take suggestions, so you can still move if I tell you to. Just… just hang in there. In a few minutes, the fear will be gone too. Until then… just listen. I… need to tell you why. [nervous, halting, aching – this is the moment she’s been imagining] I… I love you. That’s all. I love you… so, so much. I didn’t realize it until a month or two ago, but… I love you. I love you more than I’ve loved anything in my entire life. My friends, my family, my career… after I met you, I started to realize that it was all just... bullshit. I don't know if this will make sense to you, but I've never really... connected with anyone. Or anything. Ever. I've never had friends, I've never had hobbies... nothing. And I used to feel so bad about it. Like... how could everyone else be so... happy? How could they get so much emotion out of each other? Out of the things they did? I never understood. Everything was just... grey to me. Nothing had any color, any flavor. I learned to fake it — to smile and laugh and make friends and sleep with boys — but... faking it was all I could ever do. And I thought that's how it would always be. But then I met you, and... I figured it out. It all started making sense. It's simple: none of that stuff means anything. Not unless I have you next to me. You’re… you’re the brightest star in the sky, and… I just need to capture some of that light. Does that… does that make sense? I just… I love you. I love you. And… I think you love me too. I know… I know that sounds crazy. You’re engaged, right? You’re engaged to a beautiful, brilliant woman! How could you be in love with the nervous, dull, awkward girl from your graduate seminar? I… I get it. I do. But… I see how you look at me. I’ve noticed how you linger in the halls after class so I can catch up with you. How you always notice when I get a haircut or wear a new outfit. How you drop by the library even when you have nothing to do there, just because you know that I’ll be there, stressing out and needing a friend. That’s… that’s not what people do. Not normal people. Not… people who aren’t in love. You’re in love with me. I know you are. But you haven’t realized it yet. Because of her. [reluctant – she truly means his fiancée no harm] And she’s… she’s so great. She really is. She’s a good person, truly, and she doesn’t deserve what’s about to happen, but… [nearly crying – she’s finally being honest with herself] Don’t… don’t I deserve to be happy? Don’t I deserve… to be in love? To be loved by someone like you? I try so hard. I try so fucking hard all the time. I just… I want to be okay. I want to be warm and happy and loved and… you make me feel that way. You’re the only person who makes me feel that way. And this feeling… it’s real. It has to be real. It’s the only thing that’s real. [sniffling, pulling herself together – she has work to do] So… here’s what I’m going to do now. I’m going to talk to you, and I’m going to touch you. And because of the things I put in your drink, because of the little… windows I opened in your mind, everything I say and do is going to sink in very deeply. And those little happy places in your brain where your fiancée lives… I’m going to fill them up with me instead. So we can be happy. And the changes I’m going to make… they’ll only really stick if I can give your brain a big jolt of serotonin. [a bit shyly] Like… from an orgasm. So I’m going to… make love to you. And after you… finish… it will all be over. I’ll be in your head forever. We’ll be together. So… remember how I said you can move if I tell you to? I want you to move now. I want you to kiss me. Kiss me. I’ve… I’ve waited for so long for that. It’s… it’s even better than I imagined. Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening. Please… kiss me again. Kiss me hard. Oh god! Oh my god! This is… this is incredible. Hold on, let me take my shirt off... I… I feel really bashful now. Isn’t that weird? Since I’m the one in control, you’d think… but no. No… you’re in control of me. You’ve been in control of me ever since we met. I just… I just want to show you. When this is over, I’ll do anything for you. I’ll do whatever you tell me to. But for now, please… please touch my breasts. Squeeze them. That’s it. Take them in your mouth. Suck on them. Bite just a little. Just… just like I always imagined. [she’s noticed something] Oh! You’re… look at your pants! You’re… you’re getting hard. You’re getting hard for me. I knew you would. I knew it. I think… it’s time for me to make you feel good. And once I do it the first time… we can do it for the rest of our lives. Forever. Now… come on. Lift your hips for me. Let me get your pants off. And your underwear… Oh. Oh my god, it’s… it’s *perfect*. It’s even better than I imagined. So thick and hard… and… your skin is so soft. Does it feel good when I… run my fingers over it gently? When I trace all the way up to the head… and all the way down to the base? What if I… wrap my hand around it and just squeeze? Just… squeeze it softly and stroke up and down. Up… and down. Yes… look me in the eyes while I touch you. While I stroke you so, so slowly. I want you to look at me, and I want you to think about me. I want you to think about me and be just… happy. Let me fill up your mind. Just me. Only me. Oh… yeah, you like that. I can tell. You’re twitching in my hand. I’d better slow down before you get too excited. I… I want to taste you. I want to taste your… cock. It sounds rude to call it that. Dirty. But… I want to be dirty with you. Only with you. You make me want to do things I’ve never… I dunno. I’ve never… I’ve never given a… blowjob before, but… just for a minute… [she starts hesitantly, but quickly develops a *taste* for it] Oh. Oh wow. You taste… so good. So sweet. So… real. Like a home-cooked meal after a long trip abroad. I… I don’t know what I’m saying . I can’t explain it. Now, listen to me. Look me in the eyes while I take you into my mouth. It feels good, doesn't it? To feel me lick from the base of your cock... all the way to the head. To see me savor you, to see me suck up your delicious pre-cum. I want you to feel this - to really, *really* feel it. To feel it deep inside your mind. I want you to take this pleasure and bury it deep, deep inside you. I want you to think of the last time your fiancee sucked your cock. I want you to picture her looking up at you as she takes your cock deep, deep into her mouth. Can you see her? Can you see her... changing? Can you see her eyes slowly becoming... my eyes? Her lips shifting into my lips? Picture the smell. Picture *her* smell. It's my smell now. Run your hands through her hair. Really feel those soft, blonde locks. Watch as her hair grows longer and darker every time your fingers pass through it. Turn her hair into my hair. Turn her into me. Only me. Only me. That's it, baby. Let her go. Let me in. I could do this all night, but… I can tell you’re getting close, and I want you to finish… inside me. Let me just get my pants off… There. Look. Look how wet you made me. Kissing you, tasting you… I feel like I’m on fire. My… [she hesitates – she’s not used to all this dirty talk] my pussy is on fire. I want to give it to you. I want you to take me. Will you… will you please kiss it for me? Here, just… let me stand over you. Lay still… Here. I’ll put it right in your face. See how wet it is? You did that. Nobody else has ever made me feel like this. Can you feel how hot it is? Can you feel the heat on your face? Please… please kiss it. Oh! Oh my god! Oh shit, that’s… that’s so good. Yeah, just… use your tongue. Slowly… up and down… yes. Yes, that’s perfect. Now… suck on my clit. Suck… suck harder… oh my god. Oh shit! Taste me. Taste my pussy and let me into your mind. Let me consume you. Let me into every last corner of you. Feel my warmth seep into your head, into the deepest corners of your mind. [she's still trying to brainwash him, but it's difficult - she's a little distracted] You're... fuck... you're making me feel so good, baby. Doesn't it feel good, making me feel good? Fuck... fuck yes. I know it does. Open your mind, baby. Let my pleasure in. Feel it with me. Take my pleasure deep into your mind. Let it... let it override the little voice telling you "no." Let me override her. Let me replace her. Focus on me. Just me. [she’s not cumming yet, but she’s clearly overwhelmed] Oh my god, that’s so good! Stop, stop, stop! That’s… you’re really good at that. Oh my god, I’m so close. But… I want to finish with you. I want to really, really feel the moment that will change our lives forever. Here… kiss me again. Kiss me while I straddle you. Now… listen. Okay? Look into my eyes. I know… I know you didn’t get much of a say in all this. I know that you started off really scared, and maybe you’re still a little scared. But… before we do this… before we intertwine forever… I want to give you a choice. Okay? In a second, I’m going to tell you to speak. But... I'm not going to tell you what to say. That's up to you. If you want this as much as I do… if you want to be with me forever… just say “I love you.” [reluctantly – she doesn’t even want to imagine this possibility] But… if I was wrong this whole time… if I’ve just been abusing you all night, and you never want to see me again… tell me to stop. I promise I’ll stop. I’ll pull your clothes back on, I’ll keep you safe until the drugs wear off, and… you can do whatever you want with me. Call the police if you want. I don’t care. I deserve it. [quietly, nervously – it’s all in his hands now] Just… I want you to be in control. I want this to be your choice. It won’t mean anything if it isn’t your choice. So… please. Speak. [quietly, overwhelmed - she’s never even imagined being this happy] I love you too. I love you so much. Now fuck me. Please… fuck me. [he’s inside, and her dream is coming true. The pace starts slow, with breathless, longing passion, before rising to a fever pitch. Feel free to improvise; these are suggestions] Fuck! Fuck me! Oh god! Oh my god, yes, yes! Oh my god! Yes, please fuck me. Please. I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted you for so long. Make me yours. Be mine and make me yours. Forever. Forever and ever. Oh god... Oh god, yes! This is perfect. This is... oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. I can't control myself. Give me every inch, baby. Can you feel me squeezing you? Can you... fuck... can you feel my hot, wet pussy squeezing down on you? Squeezing down with every thrust? I want you. Oh fuck, I want you so fucking bad, baby. I've always wanted you. Just like you've always wanted me. Want me, baby. I want you to want me. Fuck! Harder now, harder and faster. Kiss me. Look into my eyes. Let me in. Let me fill up every part of you. Let me fill you while you fill me. Fill me, please. [this continues – she’s nearly in tears] I’m so close. I’m almost there. Are you ready? Are you ready for this to be forever? Are you ready? Tell me you love me. Tell me you love me and cum in me. Cum inside me. Cum for me. Cum for me. Cum! Cum! Cum! [she squeals, gasps, shouts – it’s over] Oh… oh wow. That was… that was even better than I pictured it. And I’ve been picturing it a *lot*. I can’t even tell you how happy I am. Like, I’m… I’m actually happy. For the first time... ever. And now we can be happy forever. Just you and me. Together. Listen… I’m sorry about all this. I feel so... evil. So inhuman. I just... I can't believe what I've done. Taking away your agency like that? It… it wasn’t right. I know that. I do. But… I dunno. I had to, baby. You can see that, can't you? I *had* to. It was the only way. I had to make you understand somehow. Even if it made me into a monster. But… I promise I’ll never do anything like that again. I *promise*. I’ll never mess with your brain, and I’ll never leave you no choice. Okay? Never again. Never. And it’ll be fine, because you’ve already made the only choice that matters. You chose me. You chose *me*. And I'll spend the rest of my live proving that it was the right choice. I… I guess we’ll have to tell your fiancée something, right? God, I didn’t even think about this part. [troubled – she feels awful] Oh, that poor girl. She doesn’t deserve this. But she does deserve an explanation, I think. Should… should you do it? Or would it be better if I did it? God, I’ve forgotten her name again? [quietly delighted] Oh? You don’t remember either? That’s… that’s the loveliest thing I’ve ever heard. [dreamily] The drugs should wear off soon. Until then… I think I’ll just lie here on top of you. Shhh now. Get some rest. Tomorrow… our lives finally begin. ------[END]------