[F4M] [Script Offer] Of Course I’m Nervous: I Think I’m Proposing to You? [GFE] [Proposal] [Sweet] [Awkward] [Romantic] [Sensual] [L-bombs] [Vanilla] [Public Sex] [City Park] [Handjob] [Riding] [Creampie] [Public Transit Ruined My Perfect Proposal] “Oh, god… my plan is ruined. I had this whole elaborate scheme mapped out, and it was going to be *perfect*! Sweet and romantic and beautiful and… well, I guess it doesn’t matter now. The train broke down. We got all dressed up for nothing. Unless… well, there was this thing I was gonna do at the end of the night. This thing I was gonna ask you. I mean, the moment’s not right now, and maybe it would be better to hold off until we can try this again because I’m not sure if I can… what? Well, yeah, of course I’m nervous! I think… I think I might be proposing to you.” She had it all figured out. A candlelit dinner, a sold-out concert, a long walk through a historic neighborhood — the ideal storybook proposal. It was going to be perfect. As it happened, however, fate had other plans. Now she and the love of her life are stranded in city park, and her Hollywood romance is ruined… or is it? She wants to be his wife so badly, but spontaneity scares her — can she work up the courage to put it all on the line? And if he says yes... how will they celebrate their "happily ever after"? Hi! Thanks for clicking! I’m back on my saccharine bullshit! Here’s another long, romance-focused, character-driven script. I know the audience for these can be limited, but give this one a read, and I think you’ll like it — it’s very sweet, very grounded, and very, *very* goofy. Feedback is always welcome! Any interested performers are welcome to edit/improvise to their hearts’ content. *Asterisks are for emphasis* [Brackets are for direction] Line breaks are just there to make scanning easier – improvise with pauses all you like. [Tonal advice] I don’t think there’s a wrong way to portray this character. That said, I think it’s key that she spends the first half of the script desperately hiding her real motive for planning this extravagant evening – make her sound like she has a secret! -----[START]----- <(optional) outdoor ambiance throughout> [to herself, quiet and distracted] Ugh… shit, shit, shit. I can’t believe it. I just… *shit*. How did this happen? How does an *entire* train line break down with no warning? Fuck, I… I worked so hard, I planned for so long, and… it’s ruined. It’s all ruined. Jesus… what am I gonna do? How am I supposed to fix this? I… shit, he’s gonna be back any minute. What do I do? *Fuck*. Okay. No. I can’t go through with it. Nuh-uh. Not tonight. It’s… it has to be perfect, and tonight’s already gone to pieces, and just… no. Better to put it off for another week. Or month. Or two. Or… No. No, no, no. I’m a coward. I… goddamnit, I’m such a fucking *coward*! Ugh… come on, come on, you wimp, just… just bite the bullet. Take the plunge. Ovary up and *do it*. Just… yeah. Okay. You can do it. You can *totally* do it. What’s the big deal? It’s simple. You just take his hand, look him in the eye, tell him how you feel… [with mounting horror] make yourself totally defenseless… lay your entire future on the line… Oh my god. This is a nightmare. This is a total, unmitigated disaster. I… I can’t. I can’t do it. Just… what if … what if he gets scared? What if he’s not ready, and I’m just projecting my feelings onto him? [with quiet defeat – she’s confronting her deepest fear] What if… he’ll never be ready? What if he… doesn’t want this at all? I… I don’t know if I could take that. I don’t know if I can… [alarmed and frantic – he’s back] Oh! Uh… hey! You! You’re back! That took longer than I expected. Did you get lost or something? I don’t blame you. The footpaths in City Park are really hard to follow after dark, and after last night’s rain, I bet you had a hard time— [flustered – she’s not ready to open up about this] Uh… what? No, no, I… no, I haven’t been crying. Of course not! No, I’ve just been, um… you know. Taking in the nighttime air, keeping this bench warm for you, spending some… some quality time alone with my thoughts. You know. I… no, nothing’s wrong. Seriously, I’m fine. I’m… I’m *fine*! Nothing’s wrong! I promise! Now come here. Sit down. Show me your glorious bounty. Ooooh, hot dogs! From that street vendor we passed? I remember telling you they smelled good, but I didn’t think you were listening. I should have known better. Your ears always perk up when I start talking about food. Oh, shut up. Pass me one — I’m hungry enough to eat a… wait. What’s that behind your back? Ice cream? Double chocolate with *bananas*?! You remembered my favorite! So *that’s* why you took so long! Aww… thank you, baby. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Well… that might be an exaggeration, but this is top five, easy. Mmm! This is *so* good. I know I promised you a night of fine dining, but… there’s nothing like good old-fashioned all-American street food. [in a downcast voice – she’s sorry to disappoint him] I, uh… I promised you a lot of things tonight, didn’t I? A reservation at a fancy restaurant, tickets to a sold-out show… a real grade-A romantic evening. And then… the train broke down. And now it’s the middle of the night, and we’re stuck in City Park, sitting on a dirty bench in our fancy clothes… eating two-dollar hot dogs. This is, uh… this isn’t going how I thought it would. I’m… I’m really sorry. I was just… I wanted this to be a special night, you know? I wanted to… I dunno. Celebrate us, I guess. We’ve been together for four years now, and in all those years, *you’ve* always been the one who does the extravagant stuff. Spontaneous road trips, flamboyant birthday surprises… elaborate roleplay scenarios… I just… I dunno. I love that stuff, and I love that *you* love that stuff, and I just… I wanted it to be *me* for once, you know? I wanted to plan a big, complicated surprise full of all your favorite things. I wanted to, like, sweep you off your feet and show you that I’ve been paying attention, that I can be bold and spontaneous, too. [distraught and a bit anxious – the weight of her disappointment is settling in] And… shit, it was gonna be *so* perfect. We’d have a big, expensive dinner, we’d make fun of the late-night subway weirdos, we’d see your favorite band and walk home through that old, beautiful neighborhood on the hill, and when we got to the very top of it, we’d stop and look out over the city, and I’d look into your eyes and… [she trails off – she almost spilled the beans] Um… yeah. I dunno. I guess… that stuff’s not as easy as you make it look. I just… I worked really hard on this, you know? I was so excited, and… now it’s ruined. [self-deprecating] I… I should have planned better. I should have rented us a car, I should have bought a bus pass, I should have done… something. But… it’s too late now. We spent too much time looking for a taxi… we missed our reservation. The show’s gonna start any minute… all the way on the other side of town. [defeatedly, almost tearfully] I… I fucked it all up. I wanted to make you feel special. But… nothing went the way I planned. I’m so sorry. I promise… I’ll find a way to make it up to you. You don’t have to say that. It’s okay. I know I screwed up. You don’t have to… Stop. Stop! This sucks. You *know* it sucks. [she’s warming up despite herself] Stop trying to make me feel better! Let me dump on myself in peace! That’s the polite thing to do. Just… nod and agree with my devastating self-assessment. Maybe throw some choice put-downs my way. Really twist the knife. Okay! *Fine*! I’ll stop. [sarcastically] Oh yes, you’re so right, this evening was a *smashing* success. We really got to see all the wonders Uptown has to offer, from the majestic Valley of the Dumpsters to the wise and legendary Homeless Mystics of 31st and Vine. Sorry, sorry. No, really, you… you *are* right. I guess tonight wasn’t so bad. We had fun getting all dressed up, we had some surprisingly decent hot dogs, and… well, I guess I can never be mad about spending time with you. I’m just… disappointed. I had this beautiful, perfect scenario all mapped out in my head, and… I really wanted it to happen. All of it. Right up to the end. [cautiously – is he figuring it out?] How… how was it *supposed* to go? Well, I mean… I already told you! You know, with the fancy French food and the concert and the… Oh. Uh… yeah, I guess I did kind of trail away at the end there, but… it’s not important. Really. You know, just a… just a silly little scene in my head. Really gushy and sugary and… romanticized, maybe. Oh, trust me, I *know* you like romantic. That much is clear. [one last, desperate attempt to brush it off] But… too late. The moment’s passed. It’s… it’s fine, though. Don’t worry about it. No! No, I don’t want to tell you! It’s… no, it’s embarrassing, I can’t… no, stop, you don’t get it! It’s really, really dramatic and silly, and I… [her laughter trails off, distracted – maybe she should go through with it after all?] I… I, um… hmm. Do you… do you really want to hear how it ends? My little scheme? Are you sure? [quietly] Ah. Um… yeah. Okay. I guess… yeah. I’ll tell you. Uh… where did I leave off? Oh, yeah, okay. So… so yeah, we would get out of the concert and… then we would take the train. Not our usual train, though — the one that runs to the next neighborhood over. That really, really old one with the Victorian buildings and the art district. I just… I really, really love that place at night. It’s like… there’s nobody around, right, but you can still kind of *feel* them, you know? It’s completely deserted, but it still feels… *alive* in some weird way. I first noticed it when… when you took me there. For our first date. Remember that? [sarcastically] Oh, yes. You *definitely* remember. How could you ever forget? Well *excuse* me. Far be it from me to cast doubt on your impeccable memory. Well, either way, let me recall it again. Just for posterity. You caught me on my way out of work to ask me out, and… you know, at the time, it really seemed like you had some sort of plan. You made it sound like you’d given it so much thought, like you had the perfect date all mapped out in your head. Of course, a year later you let it slip that you had no idea where you were going to take me, and the Latvian cultural festival was the first vaguely interesting flyer you found on your way to my apartment. And… I hope you’ll forgive me for being a little skeptical. That’s, you know, not the thing I usually picture when I think “first date.” But after we looked around for awhile… I started having fun. The music and the costumes were beautiful, the food was… *interesting*. And… I couldn’t stop staring at you. You just… I dunno, *liked* everything. Everything we saw surprised you and amazed you, and… that just kinda *struck* me. Like… I was so used to guys pretending to be *bored*. Like they’d seen everything, like they were above everything. But you were different. You weren’t afraid to look silly or admit you were clueless. That became *very* clear when you put us on the wrong train coming back. No, that was *your* fault! You sounded like you had it all in hand, so I didn’t even *look* at the ticket. Forgive me for trusting you, my dear. Okay, fine: due to a completely unavoidable and blameless act of god, we took the wrong train, and we ended up in that old, old part of the city. And… I’ll be honest. I was kind of creeped out at first. When we first stepped off the platform… it felt like stepping into a Batman movie or something. Like at any moment, a criminal would jump out of a dark alleyway, and there’d be nobody around to help. So, like… I held your arm pretty tight, as I recall. Like, full-on white-knuckle tight. I felt weird about it, you know, that being our first date and all, but… I guess I was pretty creeped-out. And… you noticed. You started talking. You started… imagining. You told me a bunch of… little stories, I guess. About the old man who owns the art gallery and how he paid you thirty bucks to pretend to bid at an auction. About the bakery that one family’s been operating out of their house for five generations… even though it burned down twice. About the young, sad chaplain of the old, sad church and his dark, *supernatural* secret. I think you might have made some of those stories up. But it didn’t matter, because… they were real. I could *feel* all those people bustling around us. God, I could almost *see* them. Like ghosts. No, not ghosts… like… like memories. Not a person’s memories… that *place’s* memories. All the millions of people who have walked through there over the years, all their thoughts and feelings and relationships… they’re all still there, sunk into the concrete. You showed them to me, and now… every time I walk through that place, I feel them just as strongly as I did that first time. And… I feel you, too. So… in this little fantasy of mine… we would walk through that neighborhood… we would start up the street to the top of the hill and… I would tell *you* some stories. Happy stories, funny stories… and some sad stories, too. About the time my cooking gave you food poisoning the day before you graduated from grad school. About the time you lost my sister’s dog and came up with that elaborate, rambling story about where you had been while you were out finding him. About how you have always, without fail, been able to tell when I sneak a cheeky, stressed-out cigarette during my lunch break. [very quietly, maybe tearfully] About… about when my mom died… and I just… I couldn’t leave my room for a week or so and you… you nearly lost your job because you refused to leave my side… Um. Yeah… I would tell you all these stories, and… and as we crested the hill, I would start to talk about… how much I love you. How much I miss you when you’re not here next to me. How I spend at least sixty percent of every day thinking about you. How the only thing I love more than falling asleep in your arms is waking up next to you in the morning. How much I want to be with you. To be with you… forever. [suddenly very nervous – she has no idea whether she can actually say the words] And then, I, uh… when we got to that little bluff at the top of the hill, I would… um… I would stop, and I would… I would just sort of… slip my hand into yours, all gentle and delicate, I guess, and I would… we would look out over the city lights, and, uh… when you weren’t looking, I would just, like, really quietly… reach into my purse, and… and I would grab this… this thing… um… And… and yeah, I would turn you around to… to look at me, like, in the eyes, and… oh god. Um… and I would tell you how happy you make me… I guess that sounds cliché, but, like, I figured I would think of something good in the moment, I guess, and… I would… I would take the, uh, the thing… the thing from my purse, I would take that, and I would… uh… I would just kinda, like…. What? Well, yeah, of *course* I’m nervous! [surprising herself] I think… I think I might be proposing to you. Uh… surprise! Oh my god, this is… this is the stupidest thing that’s ever happened. I just don’t even… oh my god, the look on your face! I can’t believe I fucked this up so bad! This is the worst proposal ever! It’s so dark I can barely see you, I’m holding a *hot dog*… believe it or not, this is not how my childhood fantasies of the perfect proposal tended to go. [with newfound determination] Well… okay. Fuck it. Here goes nothing. Hand me my purse. Let’s see… where did… ah. Here. Okay. Um… hi. So… I love you. I love you more than anything. I love you more than long walks through abandoned neighborhoods. I love you more than… hot dogs and ice cream. I love you, and these past few years have been like a dream. And… I don’t want the dream to end. Ever. I want to keep dreaming for the rest of my life. I want… to be your wife. So, um… will you… I mean, would you consider, like… uh… [she throws caution to the wind and goes for broke] Ugh! Will you marry me? [against all odds, she pulled it off – she’s never been so happy] Oh my god. I… oh my *god*! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! I can’t… you said yes! You said… holy shit, this is so surreal. I don’t know what to… I’m so… oh my god. Just… just shut up and kiss me. I’m… I’m so happy. We’re, like… engaged. Oh my god, we’re *engaged*! You’re my fiancé! How fucking weird is that?! [shyly] You know, um… there was one more part of my plan. I wasn’t sure if I had the nerve to go through with it, but… well, having a romantic moment on a deserted hilltop presents certain opportunities… and I think a dark, deserted park bench might do just as well. [they continue kissing, and the scene heats up. Improvise as much as you like!] I’ve never really… *done* anything in public before. But… I *am* trying to be more spontaneous, so… why don’t you just lean into me… kiss my neck a little bit and… let me feel you. Hmm… these slacks don’t leave much to the imagination, do they? You look like you’re about to burst out of them. Oooh… hard for me already? I can feel it… I can feel you swelling under my hand. Does that feel good? When I rub you over your pants? Just slowly, like this? Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I’d hate to give you rugburn. That’s it, baby. You can moan for me. Don’t be too loud, though — wouldn’t want to get us caught. Just buck your hips up into my hand… moan into my neck… yeah, just like that, baby. Just like that. I’m afraid this dress is a bit too elaborate to give you easy access, but… touch my tits. Yeah, just… over the fabric, just like… oh yes, baby. Squeeze them. Squeeze them as hard as you want. They belong to you now. Forever and ever. Mmm… fuck. Oh, look, baby… look at my nipples. Look at them poking through the fabric. Oh, god… that feels so good. The way you rub them and pinch them… god, I love you. Come here, let me just… unbuckle your pants. I want to see your cock. Or… I guess it’s *my* cock now… fiancé. Oh my god… I’ve always loved how soft the skin of your cock is. It just slides under my hand like silk. I love feeling you so hard for me. Let me just… grip it gently… stroke it up and down, so slowly… let me feel every twitch. I’ll just… start at the bottom… stroke you all the way to the top… rub my thumb over your head, let my fingers tickle that special spot… oh, fuck, baby, you’re so hard. You’re so hard for me. I love how excited you’re getting. I think… I’m getting pretty excited, too. I think I might have neglected to mention this, but… I’m not wearing any panties. I can feel the cool night air running between my legs… over my pussy… over my wet, aching pussy… I think I need you to warm it up. Can you do that for me? Oh, you’re so generous! Let me just… hike my dress up over my hips… and sit in your lap. I want to ride you. Wait, wait, let me just… look around really quick. This spontaneous stuff is pretty exciting, but… I really, really don’t want to get caught, and once we start… I think I might get a bit distracted. Okay, looks like the coast is clear. Are you ready for me, baby? Then put it in. Oh! Oh… oh shit, baby. God, you’re… you’re so hard. Push it in. Buck up into me. Oh… fuck, baby, *fuck*, that’s it, that’s it, just… fuck me, baby. Fuck me. Grab my hips and… pull me down onto your cock. Oh my god… mmm… oh my fucking god, baby. That’s so good. Let me grind on you. Let me… fuck… let me rock back and forth… let me… grind my clit on the base of your cock… oh my god, that’s so fucking good, baby. Oh fuck… oh fuck… Let me… let me pull my knees up a little bit… let me pull you in deeper… oh Jesus, baby, you’re so fucking deep, oh my god, fuck, fuck, fuck… I can feel all of you, every inch of you sliding inside me… you’re filling me up. Keep going, baby. Fill me up. Fill me… oh god… [with mounting intensity – she’s getting close] Mmm… that’s it, baby, thrust up into me. Keep going. Keep… oh shit… go faster, baby… go faster, go fast… mmm fuck, oh my god, baby, I’m getting so close, just keep going, keep fucking me, baby, keep… keep… oh god, wrap your arms around me and fuck me, hold me tight, fuck me, kiss me. Oh my god… oh my… I’m gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum on your cock. Oh Jesus, you’re so hard, you’re so fucking hard in my pussy, fuck, fuck me, baby, fuck me. Are you… you’re close? Let’s cum together, okay? Let’s make it perfect and cum together. Cum with me, baby. Look into my eyes and… fuck… cum with me. Cum with me, baby! Cum with me! Cum! Cum! Cu— Ohhh! Oh fuck! Yes, yes… fuck! I’m— fuck, I’m cumming so hard! I’m cumming so hard for you! Fuck! Oh god, pump it into me, baby, pump your cum into me! God, yes, fuck! Fuck! Oh… oh my god, baby. I can… no, leave it in. You’re still twitching inside me… I like it. Whew. Oh… wow. Wow, baby. That was… that was so loud! I can’t believe we did that! That’s… this is so unlike me! I think you might be a bad influence. Whew… holy shit. My heart’s beating so fast, I just… I can’t believe this is happening. You’re… you’re going to be my husband. Can you believe that? I’m just… I’m overwhelmed. I don’t even know what to… Hmm? Oh, right, the ring! Sorry, I got so carried away, I forgot to show it to you… ta-da! What do you think? [pleased] Yay! I was nervous. I know you’re not much of a jewelry person, but… I hoped you’d make an exception for this. Let me slip it onto your… oh. Uh… your hands are a little bit… messy right now. We can make sure it fits later, I guess. [breathless] No, no, don’t… don’t move just yet. Just let me lay on top of you for a minute, I… I need to catch my breath. [softly] Thank you, baby. For tonight, and for… all of it. Despite everything… tonight was perfect. You’ve made me… so, so happy. And now I’m gonna make *you* happy. For the rest of our lives. I promise. Wait, what’s… oh, no! The ice cream! I forgot all about it! Aww… it’s all melted! Dammit… that would have been the perfect ending. That sucks. Hey, uh… how would you feel about buying me another one? I mean… I *did* just buy you a ring and everything… Oh, it’s *absolutely* bribery. It’s the oldest, most sacred kind of bribery there is. Ok, fine. *I’ll* buy the ice cream this time. No biggie. You have the rest of your life to make it up to me. [The two young lovers share one more tender kiss – they’ll have to leave soon if they want to get away with their midnight rendezvous, but for now, they’re happy to share each other’s warmth and think sweet thoughts of the lifetime of happiness laid out before them] -----[END]-----