Another Overnighter All characters are above the age of 18. This is an audio idea, not script. This is good for improv performers or a good starting point to create your own script. If you use this idea, please tag me (@AlexisFire8578) Summary- Since you are a consultant for an accounting firm, you’ve been working 14 hour days for the last month. This has put pressure on your relationship as your girl lives on the other side of the country. However, on this crazy busy night, your girlfriend sneaks in and surprises you in your office! She decides that you need a nice long break from your work and she wants to help you with that! Enjoy! Script Keys () Beat/pause [Actions and time suggestions] *********************************************************************************************************** Background Since you are a consultant for an accounting firm, you’ve been working 14 hour days for the last month. This has put pressure on your relationship as your girl lives on the other side of the country. You have been in this relationship for the last year, and you’ve only met her once. With COVID and work, you were so worried she would have left you by now. However, she has been so understanding of your situation. She sends you lunches to your office twice a week and does what she can to make your life less stressful. Scene- It’s 1:35 AM, and you’re at your desk at the office. Everyone left the office hours ago, and it is empty inside. You are a complete and utter mess. You have been working on this complex financial statement audit, and you just found fraud. You don’t envision you’ll be getting any sleep anytime soon. You keep mindlessly tapping on your computer, hoping what you’re typing is making any sense. While mumbling to yourself, you hear buzzing under your papers. It’s your phone. You start shuffling papers around to find it. Just before it goes to voicemail, you answer. Boyfriend- Hello? (beat) Hey, baby! Why-? (beat) Oh, fuck! [Slaps hand on the head] Baby, I’m so sorry. I just looked at the time. I completely missed our zoom date. (beat) Yeah, it’s work! Per fuckin usual! (beat) Oh, what happened? Let me fuckin’ tell you. The dumbass CFO didn’t realize that his Controller was stealing cash and writing it off as business expenditures. (beat) Really! Guess how much he stole? So far, in the last six months, $1.5 million. (beat) Yeah. Holy shit! I’ve been following the money trail and seeing where it goes. I have six months to go. But baby, that’s not important! I miss our date. (beat) Baby! I’m such an asshole. Don’t protect me; I fucked up. (beat) Awww… baby. You are so understanding. I don’t deserve this. (beat) [laughs] One thing’s for sure. You’ll forgive me, but you won’t let me forget. (beat) God, I can’t wait to see you again. Hold you in my arms. I think about our first weekend together at least once a day. (beat) OK, our ONLY weekend together. It was magical. Who would have thought bumble works? [laughs] (long pause) [Long content sigh] Yes, baby. I remember our first night. My cock reminds me of that night vividly. (beat) Baby! It’s nearly 2 am… no one is in the office. No one is going to hear me drool over you. (beat) Yes, I’m sure! Shhh… let me and my cock reminisce, please. [laughs] Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted… I remember getting my couch ready for bed. Because I was a gentleman, I gave the queen the *ahem* King’s chambers. (beats) Fuck you! My LOTR Memoriabible is royalty. You should be honored that you even got close to it. No one gets close to my mini lego Minas Tirith set. My queen, stop interrupting, or the next time you won’t get to wear the Gandalf hat I just bought. (beat) Yes, I suppose that’s true. Anyway, you were in my room sleeping, well, so I thought. I was about to turn off the lights when I heard my room door open. I looked up and fuck baby…. I nearly passed out. You had a silk robe on, and it was wide open. No bra… no panties. All you. I remember when I rock hard at that moment. (beat) Were you scared? Well, baby, you didn’t show it at all. You were so fuckin’ sexy and confident. You just calmly walked over to me, and “Your room is cold. Can I stay with you?” [High pitched girly voice] (beat) [laughs] No, you didn’t sound like that, but you sounded like a goddess. You felt like a goddess. Fuck, FUCKED me like a goddess. My couch was never the same again. I can’t lie back on it without thinking about your nipples in my mouth while you bounced on top of me. (beat) Baby, if you keep talking like that, Imma put a dent in this desk. (beat) Mhmmmmm….. I mean, since you mentioned it, I would love to see it. How wet are you, baby? Turn on your camera. (beat) OK, you’re in bed? So? More of a perfect reason to see your pussy. (beat) Huh? You goin to go to bed now? I am rock hard and about to pop. (beat) You got a 6 am call, huh? Fuck! (beat) No, no! I get, baby! Well, thanks for calling me baby. I really appreciate - [Line clicks* Your girl has suddenly hung up the phone.] OK thanks for the blue balls! Love you bye! [You slam your phone on the desk. You’re completely confused about her behavior in the last 30 seconds. Now, you are stressed and horny which somehow has made your night worse. You start typing on your computer again. ] Google… How do you work with a raging hard-on at 1:45 am? (pause) I think I need to get more coffee. [As you start to get yourself back together, you hear a knock at the door. That’s strange. No one should be here at this hour. Housekeeping should have left already. You start to panic slightly. The door knocks again and a small voice says “housekeeping.” ] Ummm… housekeeping already came by. I’m fine. Thanks! [Again, the door knocks, and a small voice repeats “housekeeping”.] Ma’am, I’m fine. No housekeeping. [Suddenly, the door opens! Angry, you leap up from your desk and stalk to the door.] Ma’am, I said NO- [You stop cold in your tracks to see your girlfriend standing in the doorway. She has a mischievous smile holding some snacks and beer]* No fucking way! No fuckin’ way! Baby!!! Oh my God! [You grab your girl and give her the biggest kiss ever. You can’t believe that she’s right in front of you. You are laughing because you’re so shocked. AD-LIB SURPRISES] Baby, what the fuck are you doing here?! You’re supposed to be in California! How did you get into the building?! (beat) You little sneak! Circumventing security protocols! Look at my badass babe! I can’t believe you flew out here. Oh my - [Your girlfriend starts to shhh you. She wants you to be quiet.] You’re shhhing me. Why are you-? [She interrupts you with a deep kiss. You return her kiss and put your hands all over her. The kiss becomes more passionate. Your girl stops the kiss and backs up into the door, and closes it. Her eyes are full of need.] Baby, you can’t give me looks like that! Imma tear that ass up once and I get my coat, and we get the fuck out of here. (beat) What do you mean you can’t wait? [Your girl unzips her coat and drops it to the ground to reveal her hot naked body.] Oh my- Talk about walking down memory lane. Baby, we’re in my office. Security could be doing rounds right now. Aren’t you scare-? [Your girl interrupts your babbling and grabs your thick cock in your pants]. Guess not. Come here! [Sex Scene Improv -