Disobedient All characters are above the age of 18. This is an audio idea, not script. This is good for improv performers or a good starting point to create your own script. If you use this idea, please tag me (@AlexisFire8578) Summary- You and your baby have been fighting for the last few days. You’ve been so busy at work that you haven’t spent enough time with her. Because of this, she’s developed a nasty attitude with you. She’s been defiant and disrespectful. When she crosses the line with a post, you realize you have to teach her a lesson. Enjoy! ************************************************************************************************************** It's been a while since you’ve had a quiet night at home. You and your baby have been fighting for the last few days. She's been misbehaving lately. You’ve been so busy at work that you haven’t spent enough time with her. Because of this, she’s developed a nasty attitude with you. She’s been defiant and disrespectful. You don’t want to punish her, but you’re near your breaking point. You don’t tolerate a bad baby. Currently, she's out running errands, so you have a couple of hours to yourself. All you want to do is relax on the couch with a beer and watch TV. While watching TV, one of your friends calls. You start talking about the game before you start complaining about your baby acting up. Interestingly, your friend mentions that he just saw her post a new photo from Instagram. That’s strange. She always shows you her posts before she posts them. You tell him you’ll give him a callback. As you hang up, you get a notification on your phone. Instagram notified you that your little girl just posted a new photo. You decide to take a look, and boy…. you are fucking fuming. Baby just posted a sexy throwback photo from last summer. She's wearing almost nothing and leaving much to the imagination. You already see there are a few comments on the image, mostly from other men. One of them made a thirsty comment towards your girl, and she liked the comment. Your blood begins to boil. That’s YOUR body. She knows not to expose herself to other men. You are going to teach her a lesson she will never forget. As you are seething in rage, you wait for her to arrive home. You hear the keys turn. The baby is home. When you hear the door close, you call her into the living room. Your voice is low and dangerous. Baby walks into the living room. Already, she has an attitude. You calmly ask her to have a seat in front of you on the floor. With folds her arms over her chest, she says she doesn’t want to talk to you. You remind her that you don’t accept disrespect. With an added edge to your voice, You ask her again to sit down. She gives you some backtalk. With a harsh tone, you tell her to sit her ass down. Finally, she comes over to you. You pull up her Instagram post and show it to her. You remind her that you don't like to share her. She belongs to you; no one else. However, she's sharing her body with the world. Men are taking notice of her. You know that you haven't been the best lately with work being hectic, but she crossed the line by showing off what belongs to you. She needs to be reminded who she belongs to. She blows you off and rolls her eyes. It’s over for her now. You have to teach her manners. Suddenly, you stand up and grab her by the back of the head. You lift her by her hair to face you! Her eyes are glowing with fear. You remind her that you don't share her; not one part of her body belongs to anyone but you. With that declaration, You kiss her passionately to the point of pain. Her mouth belongs to you. Her tongue belongs to you. You demand her to open her mouth. You grab her cheeks and spit in her mouth. She begins to realize what is going to happen to her. You ravished her mouth again and yelled at her to suck on your fingers and to get them very wet. As she’s sucking on your fingers, you command her to unbutton her jeans. While she's getting her jeans undone, you grab her neck. Her neck belongs to you. Her breath belongs to you. Every breath she takes is a privilege than you give her, not a right. You pull her pants down and rub your fingers across her clit through her panties. Her pussy belongs to you. With your soak fingers, you dip your hand below her waistband and start fingering her. You tell her not to keep her eyes off you. You then demand her to lift her shirt and show her boobs to you. Her tits belong to you. You take one nipple in your mouth while you furiously finger her pussy. You feel that she's close, and you ask her who she belongs to. She's so close that she doesn't answer you quickly enough. You pull out your fingers right before she explodes. She will not get to orgasm until she answers timely and correctly. There is one more thing that is yours… her ass. You tell her to pull down her panties slowly. Once her panties fall to the ground, you walk in front of her and command her to take off your belt. She starts to fuss and pleads, but you won’t have it. You grab her face and bring it to your pants. “Take off my fucking belt, baby.” you sneer. With tears, she unbuckles your belt and hands it to you. You tell her again to turn around and bends over the couch. She pleads that she's sorry, but you demand that she turns around. If she complains again, you’ll spank her twice as much. With a look of regret, she obeys and bends over the couch with her naked ass in the air. You tell her that her punishment will be five lashes to the bum with her bent over, and you will count off. You begin. After every other spanking, you ask her who she belongs to. Once you reach five, her bum is all red. After throwing the belt down, you tell her to stand up again from the couch. You sit back down on the sofa and ask her to come into your arms. She comes into your arms, all sad, and you start to kiss her lovely. You rub her sore ass and tell her not to be a bad girl again. You don't like to punish her, but she must be reminded who she belongs to. She apologies for being a bad girl, and she was sad that you weren’t spending any time with her. You’ll accept her apology only if she deletes the photo. Pulling her phone from her jeans, she gets on Instagram and deletes the photo. She's very sorry for upsetting Daddy. You give her a loving kiss and tell her everything is ok. While she’s stroking your face, she asks if she can cum now? With a naughty chuckle, you tell her she may cum. However, before she cums, she wants to show she's sorry. She wants to make Daddy feel good. She gets on her knees and pulls off your pants and boxers. She pulls at your cock and starts sucking. You can tell how sorry she is. She drags your cock like it's her last breath. You tell her how much of a good girl she is. You play with her nipples while she licks you. With a giggle, she asks if you want to see your cock in between her tits. With her amazing tits in hand, she brings them on your cock and starts titty fucking.With pleading eyes, she asks you want you to want. You want to be deep inside her. She stands up and asks if she can go for a ride on Daddy’s cock. You happily agree. She climbs on your lap and slowly sinks herself on your cock. Fuck! You hear how soaked she is for you. Her hips start to move, and your lips meet hers. She feels so good on you. As she is gliding up and down on your cock, You admire your baby’s body and tell her so… how much she means to you. You’re crazy about her. You can’t let her go. The pressure is building in your balls, and you just want to release yourself deep inside of her. You bounce her harder and harder on your dick. She throws her head back and begs you to let her cum. You ask who does she belong to. She screams, “Only you. Only you.” With that, she’s allowed her to cum all over you. Feeling her squeeze on your cock only makes your orgasm is intense come faster. You flip her on her back and start pounding into her. Every thrust seems to rebond your relationship. Seeing your baby yearn for you is enough to bring you over the edge. With once last pump, you spill yourself deep inside her. After you both come down, you take her into your arms and cuddle her. You apologize for the last few days. Work has been hectic, but after this week, you’re going to take her shopping and get her whatever she wants. With glee, she squeezes you and tells you how much she loves you. She starts to feel a bit cold, so you wrap a blanket around the both of you and see what's on TV.